26 Mar

Affordable Care Act Should Go to the Dogs

With all the talk out of Washington about physical fitness and new food labels, we want to go on record that we are extremely disappointed that this discussion has not included the health benefits of having a dog in your life. Ok, maybe not just the having a dog part but more specifically the health […]

18 Mar

Mixing Cultures and Dogs & Cats

Many of you already know that our home is a mix of two cultures: Irish Catholic and Eastern European Jew. This month two of our favorite holidays combined into one glorious weekend: Saint Patrick’s and Purim. It’s a wonderful thing when different things can be joined together in fun – and in this case copious […]

12 Mar

Amtrak Beats MUNI

I am well aware that San Francisco is a “transit first” City. I’m lectured all the time that I should drive less and use MUNI (our local mass transit agency) more. The fact that I have 4 kids to get from event to event on the weekend brings a bit of sympathy from the ban cars […]

7 Mar

Play With Your Cat

This is a blog post by Pet Camp’s Cat Safari Manager Leeann Berry. I have three cats and two of them are overweight. Alex and Puck, my chubby cats, are both on low calorie diets but food is only part of the solution. Getting them off the couch is what they really need. However, being […]

5 Feb

Tufts Veterinary School Supports Lodging Facilities

For years, I’ve hated it when someone refers to bordetella bronchisptica as “kennel cough.” I’ve hated it even more when veterinarians, groomers, or dog walkers called it that! Call it what it is — “canine cough” or “bordetella” — since a dog can catch it anywhere there are other dogs (such as a veterinarian’s lobby, […]

27 Jan

10 Ways Your Dog Can Save Valentine’s Day

It’s pretty well known among visitors to Pet Camp that I spend more time with Splash than anyone else in my life. She sleeps next to me (on her own bed on the floor – but still next to me); shares my office during the day; does errands with me; and ends every Thursday night […]

15 Jan

Retractable Leashes: Freedom vs. Risk

For years I’ve complained about dog retractable leashes. Not only do I always get confused whenever I have to use one (there are no buttons on a 6 foot leather lead), but I always thought that while I spent time training my dog not to pull on the leash – the dog on a retractable leash sometimes […]

16 Dec

Holiday Plants That are Toxic to Cats and Dogs

Last week we took part in webinar presented by the Pet Poison Hotline on Holiday Dangers to Pets. We wanted to spend a minute focusing on the discussion of holiday plants – and which ones are toxic to dogs and cats – as some of the information really surprised us. The Pet Poison Hotline focused on […]

22 Nov

Thanksgiving Dinner: Not So Pet Friendly

Thanksgiving is just around the corner and while many of San Francisco’s dogs and cats will be spending Thanksgiving with us at Pet Camp (and hopefully enjoying our pet friendly dinners over the holidays), we know that many pets will be spending the day at home with the Thanksgiving meal just above their heads (or at snout level […]