Pet Camp Cat Safari’s Kitty Kindergarten program is purrfect for your new kitten.

We can’t wait to tell you about our special program to ensure your kitten learns the skills it takes to become a healthy and happy cat.


Our Kitty Kindergarten Program includes:

  • Brushing sessions so your furball gets used to the experience.
  • Nail trim session in the hands of trained experts to familiarize your kitten with nail trims
  • Individual playtime with a counselor to teach your kitten positive play behaviors.
  • Safari Time so your kitty can explore the great outdoors in a safe and controlled environment.

Watch Our Kitty Kindergarten Video!

Introducing healthy, safe, and fun behaviors to your kitten early on are important lessons in becoming a happy cat. Kitten Kindergarten is now available to all cats under one year of age.

Enroll your kitten when making a reservation with one of our reservation specialists. Call or text us at 415.567.0700

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