Welcome to Pet Camp's Ranger Station

1360 Fairfax Avenue, San Francisco, CA 94124
3 Blocks East of Pet Camp’s Main Campground
Phone: (415) 406-2480

San Francisco Bay Area Dogs Love Canine Enrichment at the Ranger Station!

Based on Nature, Built for the City

Ranger Station is a one-of-a-kind facility, built with natural amenities and innovative activity stations where dogs can be dogs – embracing their natural instincts and developing core skills at the same time. Our Canine Enrichment program is designed to help city dogs acclimate to the unique stressors and challenges of San Francisco’s urban environment, as well as to give dogs who don’t fit into conventional group play settings a place to thrive.

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Canine Enrichment Daycare at Ranger Station

While we welcome all dogs to our Pet Camp facilities we recognize that some dogs are not comfortable in a typical group play setting, often getting rejected from traditional dog daycare or boarding services. These dogs may be better suited for Canine Enrichment at Ranger Station because they:

  • Get nervous hanging out with a lot of high energy dogs
  • Get a little too overzealous during playtime (especially intact dogs)
  • Constantly struggle with the challenges of the urban environment (loud noises, cars, bikes, skateboards, crowds of people)
  • Are too smart for their own good and need extra mental stimulation to help them feel calm and balanced
  • Have aged out of group play but need to focus on balance and stamina
  • Might have been rejected from other doggie daycares or boarding facilities but still need stimulation and exercise and shouldn’t spend too much time alone
  • Need the expertise and extra guidance of our Canine Enrichment counselors, who provide individualized care

Beyond Group Play™

At the Ranger Station, we know that traditional group play is not the only suitable path for a well-rounded dog. To thrive in the big city, a dog needs to be agile, confident, adaptable, and smart. Our Beyond Group Play™ philosophy encourages dogs to be their best and let their natural instincts shine by helping them develop those important core skills.

What's a Typical Day at the Ranger Station?

Pet Camp’s Ranger Station program offers dogs 3 different A-B-C sessions every day with breaks in between:

AActive Playtime

  • Dog Playground
  • Fun-gility

BBrain Work

  • Behavior training
  • Desensitization training
  • Giant maze
  • Scent/Treat Wall
  • Fun-gility

CCalming Session

  • Relaxation in our custom-landscaped sensory gardens

Active Playtime

Getting enough exercise can be difficult for dogs who don’t participate in group play, don’t have the ability to go to off-leash dog parks, or in some cases can’t safely go on a leashed walk. The Ranger Station has an array of activities especially suited for these dogs.

Fit Dogs

With weave poles, tunnels, flirt poles, luring course, balance tables and a host of other equipment all designed to physically challenge your dog, the Ranger Station’s activity yards and obstacle courses are ideal for the physically fit dog.

Older or Less Fit Dogs

For dogs who are less physically adept, the Ranger Station has activities for them as well. If developing balance and flexibility are the priority, the Ranger Station can assist with the use of gently sloped landscaped yards, stairs, suspension bridges, and even balance boards that are all designed to help work on your dogs’ balance, flexibility, and core strength.

Mind and Body

We know that exploring outside and engaging your dog’s senses is also critical. The Ranger Station has 6 different landscaped areas for your dog to explore. Each one is designed to engage your dog both physically and mentally with slides, stairs, tunnels, bridges, changes in elevation, and assorted ground cover, natural footing and plants.

Brain Work

Mental stimulation is essential for dogs that either can’t join in group play or need more than what group play can offer. The Ranger Station will have areas specifically designed to challenge your dog’s mental processes and reward good decision making

Behavior Training

Like it or not, a dog living in a human world means living with human rules, and the key to harmonious living is proper training. Our Camper Cadets training programs offer urban manners for urban dogs. From sit and stay, to leash manners and a reliable recall, our training programs will give your dog the tools they need to successfully navigate the streets of San Francisco.

Desensitization Training

In the real world, you can’t control what is going to happen or when. At the Ranger Station, we have created a safe, controlled and positive environment where we help prepare your dog for unexpected auditory and visual triggers such as: sirens, motorcycles, skateboards, wheelchairs, doorbells, grooming tables, nail trimmers, and car rides.

Scent/Treat Wall

The Scent/Treat Wall will challenge your dog to find low value treats that are easily accessible and high value treats that require additional effort. Specific scents and toys can be placed in strategic locations to teach scent recognition and even word recognition.

Training Rooms

The Ranger Station has separate training rooms to allow your dog to focus on skill development with fewer distractions, adding more stimuli as skills are mastered. We can focus on the 12 skills in our Camper Cadet program or work on a specific skill at your request.

Giant Maze

For additional decision-making challenges, a changeable maze creates the opportunity for positive-reward based decision making and allows for both retention (remembering which way to go) and mental elasticity (needing to make adjustments based on changes to the maze).

Calming Session

After a day of excitement and learning, it's essential to allow some downtime for both mental and physical relaxation. Dogs, much like humans, can become overwhelmed with too much stimulation and need a quieter environment to recharge their batteries.

Sensory Gardens

Your dog can explore and relax in one of three custom-landscaped sensory gardens. The sights and smells will activate and challenge your pup’s eyes, nose, ears and even paws.

Rest Time

Your dog will get a lot of breaks throughout the day. Our program is mentally and physically challenging, so we provide multiple potty breaks and nap times between sessions for your dog to rest and re-energize.

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Pet Camp’s facilities are fully licensed, permitted and inspected by the City of San Francisco Department of Public Health.

Caring for someone else’s pet is a responsibility that we take seriously. At Pet Camp, we set best practice standards using state-of-the-art equipment and procedures. From electrostatic sprayers to fresh circulated air, we go above and beyond to ensure a clean, healthy, and safe environment.

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