Why San Francisco Felines Love Pet Camp’s Overnight Cat Boarding

Cat Safari was designed with San Francisco cats in mind. It’s a world away from the traditional cat boarding experience, a place where cats can explore the “great outdoors” within a safe and secure environment.

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Pet Camp is the most awarded cat boarding facility in San Francisco.
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10 Reasons to go to Pet Camp’s Cat Safari for Overnight Cat Boarding

The Bay Area’s Only “Outdoor” Adventure for Cats

Cats love our lush Safari Gardens and it’s easy to understand why. While cats imagine they’re answering the call of the wild, they’re safely in our care.

Explorer Cats and Artist Cats

From safari adventure to urban stroll - we offer a comfortable cat walk in the neighborhood (Presidio Stroll). Then, your cat can chase and catch the critters during our interactive Pi-Cat-So painting experience to go home with a meowster piece.

Unique Lodging Accommodations

Every cat is different, so at Cat Safari, we offer several cat condo and suite options to please every feline.

Cat Safari Features

Enormous windows with maximum sunlight. Club lights that twirl colors & shapes for your cat to chase. Relaxing music 24/7. Aquarium towers full of colorful fish and landscaped surroundings to attract birds and butterflies.

Cat Grooming & Bathing

With our bathing and grooming services, your cat will feel and look great from head to paws! Our professional groomer will clean out the undercoat, trim trouble spots, and even tidy up those unsanitary tail-end clumps.

Experience Counts

It matters that Pet Camp is the most award-winning cat boarding facility in the San Francisco Bay Area.

State-of-the-Art Facility

Cat Safari is fully licensed, permitted and inspected by the City of San Francisco Department of Public Health. We go above and beyond for your pet’s maximum comfort - each cat condo is individually vented and extra care is taken to ensure that our facility is exceptionally clean.

Pet Camp Express

Driving in San Francisco is a pain. Let the Pet Camp Express pick up and drop off your cat at home or work.

Health & Safety

Cat parents, please make sure your cat camper has the following vaccinations: FVRCP, Rabies for outdoor cats. We recommend discussing immunizing against feline leukemia as well.

Pet Camp app

Easy to access when you’re on the go, serving pet parents of both dogs and cats.

Our professional counselors are cat lovers who will provide the very best care no
matter if your cat is a kitten or senior feline.