Who We Are

Pet Camp is more than a job – we are all pet lovers and pet parents dedicated to providing your dog or cat with a safe, fun and loving environment when you can’t be there yourself. We believe in a personalized approach to pet care ensuring your peace-of-mind knowing your pet is safe, happy, and loved while you’re away or busy at work.

We are proud to be 100% family-owned and operated, an active member of San Francisco’s animal and small business community, and we work hard to earn your trust every single day.

The Pet Camp Team

Our Story

Once upon a time, we – Virginia Donohue and Mark Klaiman – had 9-to-5 careers. But as we toiled away in our cubicles (well, actually, Virginia had an office and Mark was stuck in a cubicle), we dreamed of a job where we could spend the day with our dogs and for our dogs to have fun every day just like when they were at our neighborhood dog park. Well, our dream came true and we got to spend the day with our dogs and yours as well!

As we designed Pet Camp, we knew we wanted to create a place where pets do what pets love. We weren’t interested in flashy things that might appeal to people; we wanted to do everything for the pets. We wanted to create both the physical environment and the types of activities that would keep dogs and cats physically and mentally engaged.

As San Franciscans ourselves and with our background in environmental protection, we knew we wanted Pet Camp to be a socially responsible company – engaged in the community, supportive of not for profits, and a good environmental steward.

Owners & Founders: Virginia Donohue and Mark Klaiman
  • 1997

    Pet Camp’s Main Campground opens in May 1997. Many things have changed since then, but every decision is made the same way: What would our pets like?

  • 2005

    Pet Camp becomes the first certified green pet care facility in the country

  • 2007

    Pet Camp’s Cat Safari opens

  • 2011

    The “Savannah” is added to Pet Camp’s Main Campground

  • 2015

    Virginia left day-to-day operations, but her vision and values remain at Pet Camp’s core

  • 2019

    The “Meadow” and its amazing glass retractable roof is added to Pet Camp’s Main Campground, and our updated Serengeti Plains room and private garden are added to Pet Camp’s Cat Safari.

It’s been a wonderful journey.

We’ve been blessed with amazing counselors and campers. We are fortunate to
be a member of a vibrant small business community that reflects San Francisco’s
values. We are grateful to our Pet Camp counselors, our campers, and pet
parents who allow us the privilege of caring for their dogs and cats.

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