You are welcome to tour the Main Campground anytime from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. and Cat Safari anytime from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m., you don’t need a reservation, simply come by without your pet. Just like at your home, there are times that are more hectic than others so please avoid coming prior to or during major holidays (Memorial Day, 4th of July, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years). Looking forward to meeting you!

We have lots of experience in giving dogs and cats their medications. Pet Camp will administer most medications free of charge and can generally address most special needs. There may be an additional charge for some medications, so please discuss your pet’s needs with one of the counselors when you make your reservation. We also have a Tenderfoot package for campers with additional special needs or mobility issues. Because your pet’s health and happiness is most important to us, if there is a circumstance for which Pet Camp is not the best option for your pet we’ll let you know that as well.

To safeguard the health and well-being of all Pet Campers, every camper must have current vaccinations, so here’s what you need to do before checking in:


  • Cat campers must have current FVRCP vaccinations. Outdoor cats must also be vaccinated for rabies. We recommend discussing immunizing against feline leukemia with your veterinarian.
  • More info here

Dogs - Dog campers must have current vaccinations against:

We need to see written proof of vaccinations before your camper’s first visit. We recommend emailing them to or texting them to us at 415-282-0700 before coming to camp. If you still have a fax machine you can also fax them to us at 415-282-1192.

Yes! Pet Camp has over 20,000 square feet of doggie play space. We have the ability to create different play groups based on the play of the campers. While some dogs are comfortable playing with dogs of every shape, size, and play style, others are not. For those dogs we can create play groups in which dogs play with other dogs of similar size and temperament. This means we have separate groups for puppies, seniors, small dogs, gentle adults and active adults.

Yes, so we understand that not every dog likes to play with others. While other doggie day care or overnight care facilities might be forced to have your socially challenged dog be alone all day, we’ve created an entire K9 Enrichment program to ensure that dogs that don’t like to play with a physically and mentallly stimulating stay. If your pet is a cat, fear not! All of our play and safari times are done either individually or with cats from your own family.

To make a reservation, just call our reservation specialists at 415-282-0700. We’ll ask you a lot of questions about your pet and start a file for him or her. If your camper is a dog, don’t worry, you do not need to bring your dog in for an interview or a temperament test; we have so much play space we are able to accommodate any personality type.

Pet Camp has Diamond Natural Pet Food for both dogs and cats, which we are happy to provide. If your camper eats something else at home we encourage you to bring that food to Pet Camp. We have a refrigerator, freezer and a microwave available.

While we certainly hope this never happens, we do have a set of procedures to ensure that your pet gets the medical attention it needs and that all other campers are protected. If your pet becomes sick our first course of action is to contact you and your regular veterinarian and take whatever steps you and your veterinarian consider appropriate. If your veterinarian is unavailable and we think immediate action is necessary, we will contact you and go to the nearest emergency room, just like you would if you were home. Pet Camp is also one of the only pet care facilities in the Bay Area with specially equipped private areas for campers who must be separated from other dogs or cats.

Pet Camp offers a Frequent Camper Program in which you receive one free day after staying for any 15 days. We also offer special rates for pets from the same family sharing the same campsite and long term discounts. Please speak with a counselor for all the details.

Your pet is welcome to bring his or her favorite toy to Pet Camp. While there may be specific items which are not suitable to Pet Camp, the vast majority of toys are just fine. We do ask that you not bring items of significant financial or emotional value. Please do not bring your camper’s bedding or bowls to Pet Camp.

Pet Camp will not take your dog off premises but every dog gets the chance to be outside in our enormous play-yards. Unlike other pet facilities where your dog plays inside and the only opportunity for fresh air is an on-leash walk along a busy road, at Pet Camp your dog plays outside.

Your pet can camp at Pet Camp for as short or as long as you would like. We offer special camping rates for long-term stays. Please speak with a counselor for all the details.

Your pet can camp at Pet Camp for as short or as long as you would like. We offer special camping rates for long-term stays. Please speak with a counselor for all the details.

For most of the year we have no cancellation policy – though we do ask you to let us know if your plans have changed so that we can accommodate another camper. For holidays requiring a deposit there is a cancellation policy that we will explain to you when you make your reservation.