Award-winning Dog Boarding

All-inclusive overnight dog boarding with playtime and compassionate care at Pet Camp – an oasis for urban dogs in San Francisco.

Why Do San Francisco Bay Area Dogs Love Pet Camp’s Overnight Dog Boarding?

Boarding Includes Daycare Activities

All overnight dog boarding guests (Campers) get to pick from one of our group play options or go Beyond Group Play™ with Canine Enrichment at the Ranger Station.

Dog Friendly Play Areas

Dogs play on organic outdoor surfaces or K9 grass. Our indoor/ outdoor Meadow has a retractable glass roof that we can open for fresh air and close on rainy days.

Comfortable Campsites

Campers sleep in private enclosures (Campsites) complete with seamless rubber floors, radiant heat, Kuranda beds, privacy barriers and glass doors.

Chow Time Choices

We serve premium dog food or you’re welcome to send your dog’s own food from home.

Daily Routines

Dogs thrive on routines, so we keep a regular daily schedule for the comfort of our Campers. Check it out on our Health & Safety page.

Nextdoor 2023 Neighborhood Faves Award

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50% Off Their First 3 Nights!

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Counselors with Training and Experience

All Pet Care and Canine Enrichment Counselors undergo thorough and professional training including: Pack Pro, Heroes for Healthy Pets, FetchFind, and Pet Camp proprietary training. Hands-on supervisors also complete Fear Free training and certification.

Overnight Safety and Security

All campers sleep at the Main Campground, which is fully equipped with fire alarms and sprinkler systems. Counselors are on-site from 6 AM until past bedtime, with cleaning teams on the property overnight.

Personalized Service

We offer a range of group play and non-group play options designed to meet the needs of all types of dogs. Some have differing social skills and play styles, while others have medical or environmental concerns. If you aren’t sure which plan of care is the best fit for your dog, or you have a special request, just ask us!

The Goldilocks of Pet Care in San Francisco

Pet Camp is not too big, and not too small! We’re just the right size to remain nimble, creative, and responsive; yet we also have the resources, procedures and training often associated with larger businesses. Our leadership team stays involved in the daily operations, and we love being an active part of our local community.

Serving San Francisco Pets Since 1997

For almost 30 years, we’ve grown and changed with the times, just like San Francisco! We’re always coming up with new features – like our retractable roof. Or adding new services – like Canine Enrichment at the Ranger Station and Pet Camp Express for pick-up and drop-off convenience. Our team of Counselors has grown too, and we’re excited to serve our Campers and their families.

Choose an Overnight Boarding Option

Overnight Dog Boarding at Pet Camp comes with a spacious campsite featuring radiant heat floors, complimentary premium dog food or your camper’s own food, premium bedding, bathroom breaks, and daily wellness checks. Plus, every camper gets a treat, snuggle time and tuck-in at the end of the day. Boarding also includes your choice of group playtime or Canine Enrichment at the Ranger Station.

Back Country

Available at our Main Campground

All day play for dogs who enjoy all play styles. We highly recommend this option for dogs who just can’t get enough playtime with friends.


Available at our Main Campground

2 group play sessions + 1 VIP session. A balanced blend for dogs who love playing with friends plus personal time with a counselor playing fetch, tug-of-war, cuddle time, etc.


Available at our Main Campground

2 group play sessions. Recommended for dogs who enjoy playtime with friends but also enjoy some downtime to themselves. A great option for puppies and senior dogs.

Canine Enrichment

Available at the Ranger Station

Beyond Group Play™ programs provide unique enrichment in a variety of natural and customized environments for dogs not suited to regular group play options or who need mental and physical activities Beyond Group Play™.

Overnight Dog Boarding Add-Ons

Dog Training

Our Camper Cadets dog training programs teach basic urban manners. This dog training is reward based/positive training only, like all activities at Pet Camp.

Dog Bathing

Dogs play. Dogs get dirty. After a great stay at Pet Camp, we send your pet home clean, happy and smelling fresh.

  • Wash & Wear Bath: Shampoo & Rinse $35
  • Works Bath: Full coat brush-out, trimmed nails, cleaned ears, & thorough drying $70

Pet Camp Express

Let the Pet Camp Express make your life easier; pick-up and drop-off available at your home or office.

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Our Story

Find out how it all started and see how we've grown to be San Francisco's most trusted pet boarding and pet daycare facility.

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Pet Camp Express

All aboard the Pet Camp Express – pet pickup at your service! Take the hassle out of pet boarding; let us pick-up and drop-off your furry friend to and from your home or office.

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Camp Counselors

Learn about our professionally trained and certified Pet Camp counselors and why our campers love them so much.

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Fun Stuff

Check out the latest happenings and awesome events we have in store for your camper.

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Being Green

At Pet Camp, it’s easy being green! From our recycling programs to our poop-to-power, we’ve got it covered! Find out more about our commitment to the environment.

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Pet Camp App

Yes, it’s true – we’ve joined the app-crazy world of San Francisco! You can now make a reservation at Pet Camp, update your camper’s vaccine records, and even check Camper Cameos through the Pet Camp App.

Pet Camp’s facilities are fully licensed, permitted and inspected by the City of San Francisco Department of Public Health.

Caring for someone else’s pet is a responsibility that we take seriously. At Pet Camp, we set best practice standards using state-of-the-art equipment and procedures. From electrostatic sprayers to fresh circulated air, we go above and beyond to ensure a clean, healthy, and safe environment.

More info here: Health/Safety & Check-In Guide