Health/Safety & Check-In Guide

Health and Safety For Your Pet: Our Priority

Fresh and Safe Air

Pet Camp has a special ventilation system that changes the air in the dog campground 15 times per hour, 24 hours a day. This system includes a specially designed HVAC system, two huge energy-efficient fans that constantly circulate the air, a retractable roof, and exhaust fans that continuously move fresh air into the building and stale air out.

Our cat rooms have their own heating and ventilation systems. In addition, each cat condo and suite is under negative pressure and has a “sneeze guard” door. This means that fresh air flows into each condo and stale air is exhausted directly out of the building. Together, these features greatly reduce the chance of any cat catching a cold.

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Our dog campsites and cat condos/suites are cleaned with a hospital-quality disinfectant at least twice a day. All dog play areas, cat trees and the safari garden are cleaned and disinfected throughout the day.

Monitoring Systems

To ensure round-the-clock health and safety, both of our campgrounds have fire sprinklers and alarm systems. After the counselors leave for the day, our overnight cleaning crew comes in ensuring that the Main Campground is never left without a person on-site.

Health Safeguards

Each Camper must have up-to-date vaccines before coming to Pet Camp.

Check-In Guide

We need to see written proof of vaccinations before your camper’s visit. We recommend either sending all vaccine records in advance of your camper’s stay by either fax (if you still have one) at 415.282.1192 or email to Ideally, Immunizations should be completed at least five days before your pet’s arrival at Pet Camp.

Dog parents, please make sure your dog camper has the following vaccinations:

  • Rabies
  • CIV/Dog Flu
  • Bordetella (San Francisco experiences a high rate of canine cough. Bordetella vaccinations are strongly recommended every six months, but we will defer to individual veterinarians who use an annual protocol)

Cat parents, please make sure your cat camper has the following vaccinations

  • Rabies for outdoor cats
  • We recommend discussing immunizing against feline leukemia with your veterinarian.

Hours and Schedules

In January 2017, Section 122380 was added to the California Health & Safety Code. Pursuant to this law, every pet boarding facility in California is required to provide pet owners with certain information. At this time there is no guidance available as to the method by which we are to provide this information to pet parents, but we want to ensure that every pet parent has access to the following information.

Main Information

Daily Schedule

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