The Ranger Station – Easy as A-B-C!

Pet Camp’s new enrichment and training center – the Ranger Station – has been open for about 6 months now, and it’s been a great success. While we’ve had a few casualties among our plants in the sensory garden, which was to be expected, overall, it’s been smooth sailing. Since it’s still relatively new, folks have been curious what a day is like at the Ranger Station – frankly, it’s as easy as A-B-C.

There are a range of “activity” centers at the Ranger Station. There is everything from a giant dog maze to a wide-open turfed area. We structure a dog’s day, in consultation with their pet parent, around A-B-C. Here’s what that means.

A – ACTIVE: Just like human kids, dogs need to burn off some energy before they’re ready to really focus on learning. At the Ranger Station, the Grassland is over a thousand square feet of open turfed area perfect for a dog to simply tear it up. Our indoor rubber floor play area provides additional space for your pup to let loose.

B- BRAIN: These areas are designed to challenge a dog’s brain – to make them think! These include our treat/scent wall, dog maze, and Camper Cadets dog training classes. dog on scent wall

C-CALMING: We have three different sensory gardens designed to let dogs explore at their own pace.  Each garden offers different textures, scents, and sounds to engage their senses and calm a dog as they wander about.

But what makes the Ranger Station even cooler is that we’ve created areas that combine different aspects of our A-B-C philosophy.  Our fungility area, featuring weave poles, jumps and a tunnel, not only lets a dog burn off energy (Active), BUT also encourages a dog to think about how to navigate these “obstacles” (Brain). Likewise, our amazing Overlook with it’s slide, tunnels, suspension bridge, and log steps, is a great place for dogs to rompabout (Active), BUT the design of the Overlook also requires a dog to think about how to climb uneven log steps or respond to a moving suspension bridge or slide down a slide (all Brain).

Want to see more of the Ranger Station? Feel free to drop by for a visit, or let Campy give you a guided tour.

Thanks for reading.