If you hate us – just stay away!

Last week, I found myself behind the lobby desk, an anomaly I know, when a client who has used Pet Camp for 2 prior visits checked in. She began with the following statements: “My dog sitter is out of town and you’re my last option,” and “These medicines are very important and I know you don’t often pay attention.” Thankfully, someone with a better poker face and more customer finesse returned to the lobby and excused me. However, I continued to eavesdrop on the check-in and was really stunned by what I heard.

This pet parent, who as I said has stayed here twice before, spewed a litany of “facts” about Pet Camp that just didn’t match our reality. For instance, she was convinced that there was no one on the premises overnight (there is) and that we offered different activities for daycare and overnight care (we don’t). She went on for several minutes, expressing her disdain for us and claiming that her dog shared her sentiments. When questioned about her statements, she cited “reviews” as her source.

Let me start by saying, if you have a question about how a small business operates – just ask!  Unlike some corporate behemoths, we are transparent about our operations and, more importantly, the reasons behind them. If you are the type to turn to reviews for your information, that’s fine (I guess), but just like everything else on the glorious internet, it pays to verify the source of the information and do a bit of research on your own.

Secondly, like all small businesses, we rely on our clients to stay in business. Clients keep the lights on and the counselors paid, and we are so grateful for that.  BUT, if you hate us and you think your dog hates us; it’s best for everyone if you simply just stay away. I’m not one to buy into the idea of “negative energy”, but please keep any negative sentiments away! If you hate us, we are more than happy to give you suggestions of other options for you and your dog. But, if you hate us, chances are you’ll hate them even more.

But as Campy’s girlfriend often says – the haters gonna hate.

Thanks for reading and for letting me vent.