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Pet Camp Offers Fun For All Kinds of Dogs

Some dogs enjoy playing all day with other dogs and some dogs prefer to play with humans or relax in peace without pups running around! Pet Camp offers fun for all types of dogs and all the in-betweeners.

Group Play Options – A Day at Pet Camp Designed for Your Dog

Active dog? Or the quiet type? To ensure your dog gets the play time that suits best, we have three options for
daycare and overnight. Take a closer look.


Activity Level : Light

Structured group play appeals to dogs who enjoy a mix of play activity and with a quiet corner for some extra rest time.

Trail Blazer

Activity Level : Moderate

A balanced blend of human and canine interaction provides moderate activity for dogs who crave play time plus one-on-one attention from a counselor.

Back Country

Activity Level : High

Some dogs just love socializing with other dogs. Our counselors keep an eye on all-day-play for high activity pets.

All play sessions are supervised by Pet Camp’s counselors and dogs are grouped for play based on size, socialization skills and play type.

Of course, we know that play alone doesn’t make the day complete. All of our play packages also
include your dog’s meals, administering most medications, 3 bathroom breaks, a dog day home-made
afternoon treat, and an evening tuck-in.

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    K9 Enrichment
    (for non social dogs)

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