Professional Business Women’s Conference 2018

On Tuesday, Pet Camp attended the Professional Business Women’s Conference at Moscone Center. There were thousands of women discussing business and societal issues and exchanging ideas with the focus on equality and empowerment.  While of course no industry or community is immune to these issues, we’re proud of the pet care industry generally and Pet Camp when it comes to addressing them.

The pet care industry tends to be women dominated at all levels and Pet Camp is no exception.  Pet Camp was founded by a woman and remains 50% women owned, 80% of our managers are women, and 75% of the counselors are women.  With women in ownership, leadership and “rank and file” positions, we believe that we have created an environment where there is equality and empowerment for women and everyone else.  We understand that society’s and our work is not done on this matter and that, sadly, many issues remain to be resolved, but we very much hope that the steps we are taking today set us on a path forward.

Of course, even during a serious discussion there was room for some levity and Marmalade used the event to announce that she is an official write-in candidate for Mayor of San Francisco!  Remember, with ranked choice voting, even if you vote for Mark, London, Jane or Angela as your 1st choice you can still vote for Marmalade!  Stop on over at the Main Campground and pick up a Marmalade for Mayor button!