New Polling Shows Marmalade Support Surging!


Tomorrow is election day! A very unscientific poll of pet parents in the Pet Camp lobby shows support for Marmalade’s write-in campaign growing! One excited pet parent exclaimed, “There’s no way she can be any worse then the rest of them!” Another pet parent was heard saying, “Marmalade is what we need to keep the Board of Supervisors in line. I hear Aaron Peskin is afraid of dogs.” (We must admit that we don’t know if Supervisor Peskin is or is not afraid of dogs, but we welcome a response from the Supervisor on this. If he is afraid of dogs Marmalade can’t wait to meet him). Still another stated, “It’s simply time for someone who’s not afraid to bark at some of the bureaucrats in City government or and maybe even give them a bite in the shorts to get them to do their jobs.”

Remember, with rank choice voting, you can write in Marmalade for your 1st, 2nd or 3rdchoice. If you’re not happy with any of the two-legged options out there, take a chance and write Marmalade in for ALL THREE Choices! Sure this is risky and it might mean that none of your votes will matter – but do you think your vote matters now?