dogs on the playground

Your Dog’s First Time at Overnight Boarding?

We know that a bare concrete floor is no substitute for a grassy lawn or cozy dog bed at home. That’s why dogs lodging at Pet Camp play on natural surfaces or specially engineered K9 Grass. And when it’s time for a nap, Pet Camp dogs love our elevated doggie beds that are placed above a rubber floor with radiant heat. Zzzzz.

Our Services for Overnight Campers

We plan each day’s activities to fit your dog’s individual needs when your pet is boarding with us.

  • Group Play

    Group Play

  • Bathing


  • Dog Training

    Dog Training

  • K9 Enrichment

    K9 Enrichment
    (for non social dogs)

  • Main Campground

    Main Campground

  • Rates & Specials

    Rates & Specials

  • Health & Safety / Check - In

    Health & Safety / Check - In

  • Concierge Service

    Concierge Service

  • Pet Camp Express

    Pet Camp Express

10 Reasons to go to Pet Camp’s Overnight Dog Boarding

Huge Dog playground

23,000+ sq. ft. of indoor/outdoor play space

Play Options

Decide the amount of play time that is right for your dog.

Different Play Groups

Dogs are divided into play groups based on size and play style.

K9 Enrichment

Not every dog wants to play with other dogs. We have options for every dog.

Health & Safety

Central wet dry vacuum system and electrostatic sprayers keep Pet Camp clean and disinfected. All dogs must show proof of vaccines for Rabies, DHPP, Bordetella (canine cough) and CIV (dog flu).


Your dog sleeps in a private campsite on a raised bed above a rubber floor with radiant heat.


There is no concrete at Pet Camp. Not in the play areas nor in the sleeping areas.

Fresh Air

There is a full air exchange every 4.5 minutes.

Experience Counts

It matters that Pet Camp is the most award-winning pet boarding facility in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Pet Camp Express

Driving in San Francisco is a pain. Let the Pet Camp Express pick up and drop off your dog at home or work.

This is why Pet Camp is San Francisco’s best dog boarding. Contact us and book a stay. We look forward to learning more
about your dog, and helping you personalize the right stay for you and your dog.