11 Jul

Summer of Puppy Love

It’s been 50 years since the Summer of Love hit San Francisco and there are still days when, near Golden Gate Park, you might think it was still going on. We know that the San Francisco Recreation and Park Department keeps turning down the permit for a big Summer of Love party in Golden Gate […]

8 Jun

Fun & Game at Day Camp

Did you know that the 3rd Tuesday of every month is a day care extravaganza at Pet Camp?  “What?” you say, “Why didn’t anyone tell me before?”  Maybe because it’s a brand new thing?  Join us on June 20th for a Pet Camp Pool Party!  Best part is there’s no charge to join in the […]

6 Jun

Father’s Day 2017

While we know that most fathers would rather just have the day to themselves, a few friends, and a couple of adult beverages while watching the game on a 50” curved 4K Ultra HS Smart LED TV, too bad for them! Pet Camp fathers will take home something even better… a framed picture of their […]

6 Jun

School’s Out, Fog Is In

Ah, summer in San Francisco; all those tourists wrapped in blankets and sweatshirts because they actually thought they were going to Sunny California. Well guess what? At Pet Camp we actually do get the sun all summer long (ok, at least on most days). If you’re gloomy after not seeing the sun for weeks, maybe […]

9 May

Lowell High School Pizza Run

Sure, who doesn’t want to eat a bunch of pizza and then take a run?  Perhaps those kids at Lowell High School aren’t as smart as they and everybody else says they are.  But in any event, we’re very excited to be sponsoring the Lowell High School Pizza Run this Saturday, May 13th (come on […]

2 May

Memorial Day 2017

What the heck, Memorial Day already?  Yup, May 29th is Memorial Day, the official start of summer and at Pet Camp it means two things.  First, you probably need to make a reservation sooner rather than later, and second…it’s BBQ season!  Memorial Day is the first Pet Camp BBQ of the summer.   On Memorial Day […]

2 May

Mother’s Day 2017

Yup, Mother’s Day is right around the corner.  Not sure you can afford those really nice earrings at Shreve & Company (yup, we’re plugging a San Francisco business here; take that Tiffany’s!?)  How about getting her something even more precious that’s free?  Every camper who stays at Pet Camp over Mother’s Day weekend (that’s May […]

2 May

Lowell Track & Field Pizza Run

We’ve heard that Lowell High school is where all the “smart kid go.”  But how smart are you when you link running and pizza?  Beer & pizza sure, but running & pizza? No way! Those “smart” kids on the Lowell Track & Field Team are at it again with their second annual Pizza Run (who […]

25 Apr

Pints & Puppies

Join Campy and the Pet Camp Counselors for a cold one at the Yard on Sunday, May 7th from 1 pm to 4 pm.  You can purchase tickets and while you’re enjoying the amber nectar from the G-ds, you’ll also be supporting our local animal rescue organizations.  Best of all, your dog can join you!  […]

25 Apr

Join the Party

When you’re chatting with the counsellors in the Pet Camp lobby about your camper, you’re probably thinking “Wow, Pet Camp is a pretty awesome place.  If I wasn’t earning all this money working for (fill in your company here), I would love to work at Pet Camp.”  Well, just because our Mark can’t pay you […]