When Should I Drop off My Dog or Cat?

There are all sorts of things going on at Pet Camp throughout the day, and we think your dog or cat should be part of the fun!  But there are some practical reasons to drop your dog or cat off earlier in the day over later.

Doggie Day Care – It kind of goes without saying that the whole point of doggie day care is to make it a day of fun, andfor Pet Camp this means 12 hours of fun!  If your dog is playing in our Savannah, doing more structured group play, doing some training, or combining agility and training, we say make a day of it!  If you can’t get here early in the morning or pick up later in in the evening, use our Pet Camp Express.

Cat Overnight Care – Cats can take a bit of time to settle in on their first visit to Pet Camp.  For some cats, the settling in takes a few hours and for some it can take a day.  We suggest that we start the settling in process as early in the day as possible so that your cat feels comfortable and confident before it’s time for lights out.  If your cat is a returning camper, coming early in the day gives your cat time to participate in the Big Cat experience, explore the Safari Solarium or enjoy a VIP so that your cat gets right into the swing of the Pet Camp experience.  Cats are creatures of habit, so the sooner we get the habit being formed or re-enforced, the happier your cat will be.

Dog Overnight Care – Just like for cat care, we think earlier drop offs are better.  Dogs settle in super fast at Pet Camp, so the primary reason for earlier drop offs is just to have more fun.  Like our doggie day care, our overnight dogs have an amazing assortment of fun opportunities. They can do all day play, structured play, training, and agility!  The sooner they start having fun, the sooner they burn off some energy and get into the swing of camp. You want to start your vacation as soon as possible, and so does your dog!