How Do You Know Cats Like the Safari Solarium

At Pet Camp’s Cat Safari, we pride ourselves on having created a cat-centric environment.  Sadly, cat care is an afterthought at most pet care facilities. Most overnight pet care facilities are designed to take care of dogs, and then a small, often windowless room is added to the back to take care of cats.  In comparison, we designed the entire Cat Safari building around what a cat would want. In fact, dogs are not even allowed in the building! From the wide window sills and huge windows to catch plenty of natural sunlight when napping, to the tower aquariums, to the custom cat trees and even “club” lighting in the ceiling to project shapes and colors on the floor, we spent a lot of time thinking just about cats when we designed the Cat Safari.

But what makes Cat Safari so unique is our amazing Safari Solarium. This 500 square foot greenhouse is attached to the back of Cat Safari and provides a safe “outdoor” space for urban cats to explore and strut their stuff.  But how do we know that cats really like the Safari Solarium? This is one of those things where a picture is really worth a thousand words. We’ve included some pictures of cats exploring the Safari Solarium to show you what we mean.  But beyond that, when a cat enters the Safari Solarium it’s almost like they are transformed! They climb the branches, walk across the bamboo, jump up and down as if they were made for it – because they were! They chat and chatter, getting ready to stalk some non-existing prey.  

But don’t take just our word for it, check out all the amazing cats on our camper cameos or better yet, sign up for a Safari session and watch the results. Really, compared to the average pet lodging facility, you’ll be amazed at all Cat Safari has to offer your favorite fuzzy friend.