aerial view main campground

What does over 23,000 square feet look like? In a word, BIG. It’s more than half an acre of outdoor play space, that’s like 50 San Francisco backyards all joined together.

Let’s Tour Pet Camp’s Main Campground Together!

Where Dogs Play: Pawsome Doggie Play Areas

The Savannah

The Savannah

Enormous 13,000 square foot playspace full of trees, bridges, and open space for your dog to romp around in.

The Meadow

The Meadow

Your pup will have access to the Meadow, our 3,300 sq. feet indoor/outdoor play space under our retractable glass roof.

The Prairie

The Prairie

Our Prairie play space offers an additional 5,000 square feet of open space under the sun

What makes the Pet Camp Meadow different from
dog play areas at other pet care facilities?

The Meadow isn’t the same indoor play space most pet care facilities have.
It’s an indoor/outdoor dog park, full of fresh air and sunshine but also protected from bad weather.

Concrete problem for pet care facilities

Turf: better for dogs but smelly

The retractable roof!

Other doggie daycare/boarding facilities

Most pet care facilities have dogs playing on concrete all day (not ideal for dogs).

Others put down turf to create a dog park/outdoor feel but most of these pet care facilities don’t install adequate drainage or ventilation and soon the turf reeks of urine.

No retractable roof in other pet care facilities

The Pet Camp Meadow

NO dogs playing on concrete and NO smelly turf! We installed 2” air tiles below the turf and installed a flushing system. We’ve got turf that we can clean and disinfect AND everything that goes through the turf gets flushed to a drain.

Over half of the Meadow, we installed a retractable glass stadium roof! This allows us to bring in an unbelievable amount of fresh air and sunshine into an indoor dog park.

Pet Camp’s facilities are fully licensed, permitted and inspected by the City of San Francisco Department of Public Health.

Caring for someone else’s pet is a responsibility that we take seriously. At Pet Camp, we set best practice standards using state-of-the-art equipment and procedures. From electrostatic sprayers to fresh circulated air, we go above and beyond to ensure a clean, healthy, and safe environment.

More info here: Health/Safety & Check-In Guide

How to Raise Funds for Your Favorite Pet Cause

Are you involved with a nonprofit that needs a large pet-friendly space to gather? We’re happy to talk about the use of Pet Camp Meadow on a complimentary venue. Give us a call and we’ll provide more details, right down to the WiFi and the restrooms.

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