Cat Talk

Get along better with your cat than anyone else?  You’re not alone.  A survey shows that 33% of cat owners reported communicating better with their cat than with their significant other and 31% say that after a rought day they’d prefer to talk to their cat than any person.  And who knows you best?  According to 39% of those surveyed, their cat knows their mood better than their significant other.

If cats had human voices, people believe their cats would sound like Ellen DeGeneres (18%), Fran Drescher (13%), Sean Connery (12%), Kathie Lee Gifford (9%) and Jay Leno (8%).

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If you’re like me, you communicate way better with your cat than with your partner or your kids.  And Masai, well he’s Pierce Brosnan all the way…

The survey was done by Kelton Research for Del Monte Foods.