The Tempest: A favorite dog-friendly bar near Moscone Center, SoMA

I’m not even sure Moscone Center is a neighborhood, but even if it’s not, there is an amazing dog-friendly bar walking distance from the convention center – The Tempest!

Located at the corner of Mary and Natoma, the Tempest is reasonably priced and relaxed.

There are a few TVs playing sports (but it’s far from a “sports bar”), a pool table, often not enough chairs for everyone there, and that’s about it.

On any given night you can find hipsters, professional types, stragglers from a convention (sadly some still wearing those silly name tags), folks from the neighborhood, smelly hockey players from the nearby Yerba Buena Ice rink, and of course a dog or two.

Hungry?  Order something next door at the Box and bring it over.

There’s usually plenty of parking on Howard Street and just walk the short block down Mary Street to the corner.
I’ve been taking dogs to the Tempest for more than 10 years and only had an issue once.  There are lots of places in San Francisco to take a pocket-sized dog, but the Tempest is one of those places a large dog always feels welcome (or always minus 1 time).

I highly recommend it as one of my favorite dog-friendly dive bars in San Francisco.

Thanks for reading.

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