Cheapest Isn’t The Best

Cheapest isn’t always the best

Last week we had a potential client complain about our business model and our pricing.  In the most succinct terms she complained that we would not do “bare bones” kenneling of her dog – i.e., we wouldn’t let her dog just stay in an enclosure all day for the 9 days she wanted her dog to stay with us AND because of that, we were too expensive for her.

First, let’s get it off the table.  Pet Camp is not the cheapest pet care option available for your dog or cat.  We have never been the cheapest and suspect we never will be.

The reasons for this are many.

Some are the things you can see when you visit Pet Camp: The large play areas for dogs, the state-of-the-art cleaning systems, the cat condos under negative pressure, and the list goes on.

Added to this are the things you don’t necessarily see:  The training the counselors receive, our commitment to provide quality health care and retirement benefits, and, of course, the cost imposed by the City and County of San Francisco on every business, to name a few.  All of these things add to the costs of operating Pet Camp and while we try to keep our prices reasonable, it does mean that they will be higher than some others.

Second, when it comes to pet care, the cheapest option is not necessarily the best option for your pet.

Yes, you might find a pet care facility willing to warehouse your pet for 9 or 10 days for cheap, but is that what’s best for your pet?  Yes, you might find someone in the gig economy willing to house sit or have your dog (it is mostly dogs) stay at their house, but is finding some stranger on the internet what’s best for your pet?

We don’t mean to sound defensive (ok, we might still sound that way), but there are times when you really do “get what you pay for.”

The counselors love taking care of the campers and we pride ourselves on the care we provide.

Pet Camp will never be the biggest pet care facility in San Francisco nor will we ever be the cheapest pet care option available, but every day we do the very best we can to make sure that we are providing the best pet care.

Pet Camp is the San Francisco Bay Area’s most award-winning pet care facility.  Offering daycare, overnight care/boarding/kenneling, training, bathing and transportation, Pet Camp has been providing the best dog and cat care for over 21 years.