Remote Control Dog Treat Dispensers Now Available at Pet Camp

Remote control dog treat dispensers are all the rage right now.  As far as I can tell here’s how they work: (1) you’re bored at work and are looking for something to do that’s fun and won’t get you busted by your boss; (2) you grab your phone and log into an app; (3) you shoot a treat across your kitchen floor and watch your dog chase it down and devour it before your very eyes (assuming you purchased one of the units that also lets you see your dog)!  You repeat this until you’re so bored that going back to work seems like a good idea, the machine runs out of treats or your boss busts you.   But really, besides giving your dog a few treats where did this get you?

Here’s a better idea – Pet Camp is now offering remote control dog treat dispensers that will also (hold on to your hats) supervise your dog in group play, feed your dog, bathe your dog, train your dog, and even drive your dog around town!  That’s right, the Pet Camp Counselors are now available via remote control!  You simply sign your dog up for an activity and presto, the Pet Camp Counselors implement it without any further action by you!  You don’t need Wi-Fi, a data plan and you won’t need to hide it from your boss!  You can even see your dog on Camper Cameos (which is way better than watching your dog chase a treat across your kitchen floor).

Still not sure that the human touch is better for your dog than some fancy tech equipment and an app on your phone?  Well, if you’ve never taken your dog to day care at Pet Camp, you can try it for free!  If you already use Pet Camp for day care but have found the cost an issue, we’ve LOWERED the cost of day care when you purchase a punch card!  Think of this as our little way to keep the robots at bay, preserve jobs for us humans, and make sure that your dog has way more fun than sitting at home wondering when a treat will shoot out of a machine.
Thanks for reading.