Kitty Kindergarten

It’s kitty season. Just like a new puppy, a new kitten has special needs and there are steps you can take early in your kitten’s life that will set him or her up for long term success. Ishai,“The Cat Man,” at Cat Safari has developed Kitty Kindergarten to meet your kitten’s needs. Kitten Kindergarten includes a daily brushing (so your cat gets used to the experience), special games that encourage your cat to learn good play habits such as pounce, grab and hunt, time in the Safari Solarium to develop confidence while exploring and climbing, and a nail trim before departure. Combining Kitty Kindergarten with your kitten’s stay at Pet Camp Cat Safari will set your kitten up for success now and in college (you did start saving for college, didn’t you?). Kitten Kindergarten is available for all cats under 1 year old.