Invest in Your Dog Not Dogecoin

While your investment in cryptocurrencies and NFTs might have crumbled in the last few weeks, your investment in your dog could yield returns that Warren Buffett would be jealous of with no market risk!

That’s right, you can enrich your dog at Pet Camp by enrolling in our Canine Enrichment (K9E) program. For way, way less than even a depressed Bitcoin, your dog can learn how to read doggie body language and develop dog-essential urban manner skills:

  • Sit
  • Stay
  • Leave it
  • Loose leash walking
  • Recall

Not sure that the K9E program is the right fit for your dog? You can invest in a range of playgroup options for your dog. Don’t get stuck with some standard S&P 500 investment option – at Pet Camp we offer a range of doggie group play investment options. You can invest in our all-day Back Country play where your dog will romp in our 13,000 sq. ft. Savannah Dog Park from sun-up to sun-down (or about that long) with a nice lunch break for snacking and napping. That investment option is not within your risk profile? We also offer our Trailblazer and Explorer investment opportunities which include two hours of more structured group play and, with our Trailblazer option, a private play session with a counselor.

No matter which Pet Camp investment portfolio you select, your dog will be enriched and your lifestyle improved (isn’t that what all investments are meant for?). Sorry, the Pet Camp “Invest-in-Your-Dog” portfolios are not eligible for a 401k or IRA rollover – but sign your dog up for K9E and we’ll teach your dog to roll over!

Thanks for reading and remember no need to consult your financial advisor about investing in your dog.


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