Welcome Back to California

Pet Camp is proud to offer all pet parent employees of companies that fled from California to other states since 2020 a “Welcome Home” discount on their first stay at Pet Camp AFTER their companies move back home.

We know that California is a hellacious place to run a business! There are all sorts of rules and regulations designed to implement and to pay for the social and environmental policies that Californians hold dear. It’s been clear for several years that big businesses in California no longer wanted to pay their share to protect these “rights” and so have moved their corporate headquarters and their employees to states in which it is less expensive to operate.  Apparently, it took a Supreme Court decision for these companies to realize that these states also offer fewer rights – maybe not to the companies but to their customers and employees.  We know – a shocking realization.

So, what is a mega-company to do? They should acknowledge that social and environmental policies cost money to implement, that companies should pay their fair share of those costs, and that it’s time for companies to move their corporate headquarters back to the Golden State.  We don’t say this to discredit those companies previously based in California that have announced they will pay for their employees to access reproductive medical care (which is still a right in California) – we are saying that this is not enough. Your very presence in these states provides economic and political support to those who are denying the rights that you now claim to support.

Come on home, Tesla, Charles Schwab, McKesson, and the rest of you and help small businesses pay for the amazing things that California has to offer its citizens. Yes, running a business here is hard; it’s expensive; it’s frustrating – but take a moment to ask yourself and your employees if it’s worth it! We’ll be here waiting for you.

Thanks for reading.


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