Cats, Dogs, Cows & Spas

Pet Camp is not the glitziest pet care facility around. We pride ourselves on huge outdoor play areas, well trained counselors, amazing infrastructure – but we don’t have California King-size beds for your dog, have flat screen TVs, or offer blueberry facials (which as far as we can tell is just a brand of pet shampoo).  As much as it pains me to admit it, if the research on cows translates to dogs and cats, maybe we are more spa like than we thought.

According to the New York Times, cows will work just as hard for access to a mechanical brush that scratches them as they will for food!  Researchers think that this “interaction” may help a cow reduce stress – just like a spa! So how in cow’s name does this relate to Pet Camp?

While Pet Camp is not the most extravagant place out there, it turns out we have all the spa amenities necessary to reduce stress in dogs and cats.  One of the reasons the cows in this story might be stressed is because they are in a barn and not free to wander. At Pet Camp, there is plenty of room to wander!  Between the 20,000 square feet of play space at the Main Campground and the Safari Solarium at Cat Safari, your dog or cat has plenty of opportunity to get explore and play–a way better stress reducer then playing all day on a concrete slab, or having a walk on a busy San Francisco street as their only opportunity for fresh air and sunshine. If the whole pet spa thing is a stress reducer, count us in!

Of course, another important aspect of the mechanical brush is the power of touch. The mechanical brush not only allows the cow to scratch areas of its body it otherwise couldn’t reach but the touch itself is relaxing and stimulating.  I’m told this is why humans get massages (frankly, that gives me the willies just thinking about it, but I digress), and our VIPs are the closest thing a dog or cat can get to a massage at a pet care facility.  The loving hands of your favorite counselor gently caressing your pet; sounds pretty nice, doesn’t it?

That still not enough?  Our extras we offer to give your favorite companion might be the answer; two of which are “the works,” that entails a thorough brushing, ear cleaning, and nail trim, and a warm bath with your choice of shampoo.  If that’s not a spa, then what is?
So as down to earth and fun as Pet Camp is for your dog or cat, it turns out we have all the makings of some glitzy-swanky spa, just without all that glitz and swank.