One thing that sets Pet Camp apart is that we’re big enough to offer a wide range of activities for dog and cat campers, but still small enough to provide individual love and attention. Special discount adventure packages are available to help keep your pet active, involved, healthy and happy. Ask your camp counselor for details.

The Savannah Back Country Adventure

All-day-play is perfect for that dog who can never get enough of hanging with his buddies. These dogs romp all day in our enormous play space, the Savannah, with trees and bridges and all sorts of dog fun.

Play Groups

One-hour group play sessions are designed for those dogs who want to romp once or twice a day but also need their down time. We are the only pet caretakers in the City who separate our dogs based on size, age and temperament. This ensures that your Cavalier King Charles won’t be dancing with a Great Dane and your senior citizen won’t be harassed by an exuberant puppy.

Very Individualized Playtime (VIP)

A quarter-hour session of private, one-on-one time with a Pet Camp counselor doing whatever fun activity your Very Important Pet most loves — intense activity, snuggling or playing with a favorite toy.

Dog Day Afternoon

Did somebody say treats? Our campers love these homemade, mouth-watering indulgences. Our menu changes whenever Mark feels inspired or can talk Virginia into making something new. Ask about our daily specials when you check in your camper.


Dogs play. Dogs get dirty. Send your pooch home clean, happy and smelling fresh.

The Works

Trim nails, clean ears, full brush-out, neat feet and pants. Choice of shampoo.

Wash & Wear

Basic wash for the practical camper. Not recommended for dogs with high-maintenance coats.