Cats and High Places

We’ve all seen it – some cat high up in a tree, on top of a refrigerator, walking across the top of a door or window.  Long before we created the spaces for cats to climb it was built into their evolutionary DNA.

Why do cats love being up high?

Being up high allows a cat who was not guaranteed dinner at 5:30 sharp and breakfast no later than 6:00 a.m. a chance to \  scan what might be breakfast or dinner (or perhaps brunch on a warm Sunday morning.)

At the same time, being in an elevated place increased the odds that the cat would not become someone else’s breakfast or dinner.
Times have changed for our feline friends at Pet Camp’s Cat Safari but their need for heights has not.

How We Help Cats Get Up

At Cat Safari we understand this evolutionary need for a cat to be able to explore vertical spaces.  In each of our cat rooms there are cat trees with both vertical spaces to climb and nooks and crannies to both explore and make into a safe space.

The window sills at our kitty boarding facility are both wide enough for a cat to enjoy a nap in the sun and high enough off the ground to create vertical space.

Our tower aquariums allow cats to explore (or hunt/stalk) from a vertical position.

Our Safari Solarium has it all – natural foliage and branches AND vertical planes to climb, explore and jump.  For urban cats this is as wild an opportunity as there is while still being safe (our number one priority.)

We know that our cats don’t “need” to hunt or avoid being hunted, but we also know that cats still need to be cats and we think it’s important that a cat care facility be designed with your cat’s “needs” in mind.

Thanks for reading!

Are you a pet parent to a special feline?  Check out all that Pet Camp Cat Safari has to offer your cat when it comes to overnight care (boarding or lodging), bathing, and if you’re a proud parent of a kitten our Kitten Kindergarten.  If you’ve never had a chance to explore the Safari Solarium for yourself, please come over, say hi, and see all the reasons Pet Camp is the most award winning pet care facility in the Bay Area and our Cat Safari location is simply the best cat care around.