Why a Dog Maze?

One of the many enrichment activities at Pet Camp’s Ranger Station is a very large dog maze – no, not a maze of dogs; but a maze for dogs! When people first see it, they are both amazed and curious, and we often get asked: why a maze for dogs? We have got 5 reasons:…

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Bespoke Pet Care?

bespoke care

Last Sunday, the New York Times Magazine had an article about the “bespoke pet care industry.” For those not super hip, such as myself, bespoke now means exclusive rather than the earlier definition of custom made. I bring your attention to this because Pet Camp has always been custom made when it comes to the care…

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Indoor vs. Outdoor Cats in San Francisco

indoor outdoor cat

Pet parents often ask if they should let their cat go outside. These pet parents seem to think that their cat “wants” to go outside and/or that cats are inherently suited for outdoor life. While ultimately it is the pet parent’s decision, there are several factors to consider before allowing your cat to freely roam…

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Cute vs. Crates – Safety Should Win

pet crate

Most of us have seen the adorable video of dogs hopping onto a school bus, finding a seat, and riding along.  But what we don’t see is what can happen when the bus stops, the door opens, and a dog, or several, make a break for it!  Yes, this video is cute, but securing a…

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