Customizable program for dogs who may prefer to not play with other dogs or who need more mental and physical stimulation than group play can provide.

This unique program can be booked as a single K9 enrichment session add-on to group play, and caters to all types of dogs, including:


For dogs with energy to spare: 3 different sessions designed to stimulate and challenge your dog physically and mentally using tools such as basic agility equipment, flirt-poles, and even a luring course, with cool-down time at the end

Nervous Nelly

For dogs who are nervous around people and/or other dogs. This program is tailored to your dog’s specific needs and can include introductions to a variety of people, dogs, or objects that tend to provoke a reaction in your dog


Designed just for puppies, this program includes both dog socialization and experiences designed to teach your puppy about the world, including:

  • Touching ears, feet, and teeth
  • Mock veterinary visit
  • Introduction to a friendly cat


For dogs in their golden years: designed to enhance movement and stability in a calm, safe and supportive manner using gentle leashed mobility walks, balance exercises, and brain-stimulating games, all with dedicated one-on-one counselor time.