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Why Do San Francisco Bay Area Dogs Love Pet Camp’s Doggie Daycare?

Pet Camp prioritizes what’s best for your pet, no matter how big or small, from puppy to senior dogs. Some dogs enjoy playing with fellow canine campers in the wide open spaces of our Meadow, Prairie, and Savannah. Others love spending one-on-one time with a Pet Camp counselor in our K9 Enrichment Program or playing in a special playgroup designed just for them.

Our Doggie Daycare Services are built to
accomodate every dog.

Pet Camp is the most awarded doggie daycare facility in San Francisco.
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    Group Play

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  • Dog Training

    Dog Training

  • K9 Enrichment

    K9 Enrichment
    (for non social dogs)

  • Main Campground

    Main Campground

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    Rates & Specials

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    Health & Safety / Check - In

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    Pet Camp Express

10 Reasons to Go to Pet Camp’s Doggie Daycare San Francisco

Customized dog play groups

Dogs play with other dogs based on their size, age, and play style, with special attention given to puppies and senior dogs

Dogs NEVER play on concrete!

Dogs play on organic outdoor surfaces or K9 grass.

The Great Outdoors

Dogs play outside – where dogs are meant to play.

Rainy Days? No problem.

Dogs play under a glass retractable roof in inclement weather.

Experience Matters

Pet Camp is San Francisco’s oldest family-owned and operated pet care facility.

Technology serving pets and pet parents

The Pet Camp mobile app.

Health & Safety

We use a central wet dry vacuum system and electrostatic sprayers to keep Pet Camp clean and disinfected. All dogs must have proof of vaccines for Rabies, DHPP, Bordetella (canine cough) and CIV (dog flu).

Fresh Air

Our ventilation systems provide fully exchanged every 4.5 minutes at Pet Camp.

Customized Group Play & Non-Group Play

Some dogs like to play with other dogs and some don’t. Pet Camp offers all-day play, structured play and an array of K9 Enrichment options for your dog.

Pet Camp Express

Just ask. We’re ready to pick up and drop off your dog at home or work.

This is why Pet Camp is San Francisco’s best doggy daycare. Contact us and book a stay. We look forward to learning more
about your dog, and helping you personalize the right stay for you and your dog.