Staff playing with dogs in daycare

Why Do San Francisco Bay Area Dogs Love Pet Camp’s Doggie Daycare?

  • Customized Dog Play Groups - Dogs can play with other dogs based on their size, age, and play style, with special attention given to puppies and senior dogs.
  • Dogs NEVER play on concrete! - Dogs play on organic outdoor surfaces or K9 grass.
  • The Great Outdoors - Dogs play outside - where dogs are meant to play.
  • Rainy Days? No problem! - Dogs play under a glass retractable roof in inclement weather.
  • Experience Matters - Pet Camp is San Francisco’s oldest family-owned and operated pet care facility.
  • Technology Serving Pets - The Pet Camp mobile app
  • Healthy & Safety - To clean and disinfect, we use a central wet dry vacuum system and electrostatic sprayers. All dogs must also have proof of vaccines.
  • Fresh Air - Our ventilation systems provide fully-exchanged air every 4.5 minutes.
  • Customized Group Play & Non-Group Play - Some dogs like to play with other dogs and some don’t. Pet Camp offers all-day play, structured play and an array of K9 Enrichment options for your dog.
  • Pet Camp Express - Just ask. We’re ready to pick up and drop off your dog at home or work.
Dogs playing in daycare

Choose a Doggie Daycare Option

Group Play
dogs in daycare
Back Country

Available at Our Main Campground

All day play for dogs who enjoy playing with dogs of all shapes, sizes, and play styles. We highly recommend this option for dogs who just can’t get enough playtime with friends.


All-day play

dogs in daycare

Available at Our Main Campground

A balanced blend for dogs who love playing with friends but also like to have personal time with a counselor doing whatever they may want, such as fetch, tug-of-war, cuddle time, etc.


2 group play sessions
+1 VIP Session

dogs in daycare

Available at Our Main Campground

Recommended for dogs who enjoy playtime with friends but also enjoy some downtime to themselves. A great option for puppies and senior dogs.


2 group play sessions

K9 Enrichment
dogs in daycare
K9 Enrichment

Exclusively at the Ranger Station

Unique enrichment in a variety of natural and customized environments for dogs not suited to group play, or needing behavioral support.


Looking for something Beyond Group Play™? Check out the Ranger Station.

The Ranger Station is a unique place where dogs who are challenged by ever changing urban surroundings can relax and reconnect to their natural instincts in a highly supported environment. Designed specifically for this purpose, the Ranger Station provides mental and physical stimulation that these dogs need in order to become more relaxed and confident.

Dogs on outdoor equipment

Dog Daycare Add-Ons

  • Dog Training - Our Urban Manners dog training programs. This dog training is reward based/positive training only, like all activities at Pet Camp.
  • Dog Bathing - Dogs play. Dogs get dirty. After a great day at Pet Camp, we send your pet home clean, happy and smelling fresh.
  • Pet Camp Express - Let the Pet Camp Express make your life easier; pick-up and drop-off available at your home or office.
Dogs playing in daycare

Ready for some fun?

Request a reservation online, give us a call, or send us a text. We’ll be happy to help you get started.

Dog being picked up in the van

Pet Camp Express: Pet Pick-Up and Drop-Off

Time is money and life can get complicated. Let the Pet Camp Express make your life easier; We pick-up and drop-off at your home or office. If your timing is flexible, ask about our Pet Camp Express routes. We travel all around the Bay area! If timing is tight, ask us about specific locations, times, and pricing options.