Recently we hosted two 10-month old Rottweiler puppies, Carmine and Vincent, from San Francisco Animal Care and Control for a week of lodging and training. These two very cute (but rambunctious) puppies had not passed the adoption test because they were too difficult to manage.Sadly, failure to pass the adoption test often means that the dog will be euthanized. After just one week (ok,  Vincent needed a few extra days) of working with the Pet Camp counselors in our Camper Cadet dog training program these puppies can now sit, down, look, leave it, and walk nicely on a leash! They were returned to the shelter ready to be adopted out.  Even before we were able to post this blog BOTH Carmine and Vincent have found new forever homes!

Since Carmine and Vincent participated in Camper Cadets, four other dogs who initially failed their adoption screening have been to Pet Camp for a week of socialization and training.  We are proud to announce that EVERY ONE of them passed their adoption screening when they returned to Animal Care and Control!!  We really try to stay away from hyperbole when writing, but there are times when it’s appropriate – and frankly this is one of those times – way to go Pet Camp counselors!  Pet Camp’s Camper Cadet program is saving lives.

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10 Responses to “Dog Training Saves Lives”

  1. Kimpetdominion

    That is so awesome! Thank you pet camp and counselors for saving these lives 🙂

  2. newfienanna

    What heartwarming revelations. Congratulations and thank you to all of you!

  3. newfienanna

    Congratulations and thank you to all at Pet Camp for doing a great job. I speak from experience!
    Hello and hugs to Splash!

  4. Jennifer Ashenfelter

    Congratulations to your counselors for a successful training program! It’s wonderful news that Carmine and Vincent now have forever families.

  5. Joanne Morris

    What a great story! Your staff feel really good about this.