8 Jun

Marmalade Falls Short

It’s simply too close to call. Sure the votes have been counted, but there’s bound to be some hanging chad on a ballot or two and someone clearly meant to write in Marmalade instead of Angela, Jane, London or Mark. Can you even remember who you put in 1st, 2nd or 3rd choice anyway? Time […]

8 Jun

Kitty Kindergarten

It’s kitty season. Just like a new puppy, a new kitten has special needs and there are steps you can take early in your kitten’s life that will set him or her up for long term success. Ishai,“The Cat Man,” at Cat Safari has developed Kitty Kindergarten to meet your kitten’s needs. Kitten Kindergarten includes […]

8 Jun

New Ranger Program!

Is your camper less of a dog’s dog and more of a people or activity dog? You know the type: needs to be challenged mentally and physically, but really isn’t all that interested in playing with other dogs. Maybe your dog loves to play, but just playing isn’t enough. Pet Camp’s new K9 Enrichment Specialist […]

24 May

Date Night Doggie Day Care

Date Night! What an amazing concept! Going out for dinner during the week means things are a little quieter and more relaxed. Sounds amazing! But what about your dog? You’ve been at work all day and the last thing you want to do is leave him or her home alone again while you’re out having a good time. […]

21 May

Graduation Means Free Day Care!

Is your two-legged child graduating from high school this spring/summer? With 3 high school seniors Mark knows how stressful it can be getting everything done on graduation day. We’ll take paying for day care off your list of worries. Our graduation gift to you is free day care on graduation day! Just let us know […]

12 May

Our Counselors are Certified in Infectious Disease Managment

At Pet Camp, continue education is a way of life. Each month we receive newsletters from various veterinary schools, industry leaders, and attend webinars.  Yearly we attend conferences around the country to discuss best practices with other pet care providers.  This month, all the Pet Camp managers completed a Certificate in Infectious Disease Management.  This […]

8 May

Happy Mother’s Day from Pet Camp!

This weekend is Mother’s Day!  Yup, every year it sneaks up on us too. Sure you could surprise mom with diamonds or pearls – but isn’t your love all she really wants?  Your camper knows this even if you don’t and what better way for them to show their love for you than with a […]

3 May

Professional Business Women’s Conference 2018

On Tuesday, Pet Camp attended the Professional Business Women’s Conference at Moscone Center. There were thousands of women discussing business and societal issues and exchanging ideas with the focus on equality and empowerment.  While of course no industry or community is immune to these issues, we’re proud of the pet care industry generally and Pet […]

30 Mar

King George & Pet Camp Yappy Hour!

Join Pet Camp for a night out on the town at the newly remodel King George Hotel on Friday, April 13th from 6:00 to 8:00 PM. The King George is a dog friendly hotel so bring over your Camper to check it out and join Campy for some Gin and Tonics. We hear if you’re […]

30 Mar

Tax Day is Ruff

We know that paying taxes is probably not one of your favorite things and thinking about how the government is spending your hard earn $$ makes it even worse. Frankly, we hear you loud & clear! But fear not, the Counselors at Pet Camp have got your back when it comes to the IRS, the […]