Bring Home Flowers from Camp

Since we’re on the flower theme… we want to give you flowers! We know that April 15th is one of those bad days on the calendar, but we want to do our best to cheer things up. Every day camper on Friday, April 15th will bring home flowers! These are not the type you put…

April 7, 2016


See You at Dog Fest 2016!

Join Pet Camp in supporting McKinley Elementary School! If you’re a San Francisco parent, you know the stress associated with getting your kid into a school; you have almost as much chance of winning the San Francisco Public School lottery as winning the California Lottery! But there are some lucky parents and kids who got into…


Story Time

We all know that reading to kids is important; just ask Mark, who slept through all seven of the Harry Potter books that Virginia read to the kids at their house! On April 27th Pet Camp will be at Bryant Elementary School in the Mission District reading stories about dogs to kindergarteners. We hope Campy…

Pet Camp Cat Safari – March 11, 2016

You may be at a plush resort or having your floors refinished, but your cat is having a blast at Cat Safari! Check out our cat campers having a great time at Pet Camp, not your traditional boarding kennel!

March 12, 2016