30 Oct

Howl-iday Reservation Panic? We Got You.

Yes, it’s October which means Thanksgiving and Christmas are not far away. Every year, we get frantic calls from families because their house sitter flaked or they realized the place they’re going to isn’t pet-friendly. Please, don’t be that family. If you’re travelling over the winter holidays, or just want to keep your pet away […]

27 Oct

Dog Flu Outbreak: Protect Your Dog

Since 2018, Pet Camp has required that all dogs receive the Canine Influenza Vaccine (CIV) before coming to Pet Camp. The CIV protects dogs against Canine Influenza or “dog flu.” We require this vaccine ALL THE TIME to protect both your dog and all the dogs your dog may meet both at Pet Camp and […]

22 Oct

Win a $50 or $100 Pet Camp Gift Card

Got a Halloween outfit for your dog? Got a matching one for yourself? We get it! Halloween is for everyone to enjoy. On Friday, October 29th, bring your dog to Pet Camp in costume and get a chance to win a $50 Pet Camp gift card! Wear a matching outfit and you’ll get a chance […]

14 Oct

Camper Looking For a Forever Home

Izzy is looking for a new home! Her owner is no longer able to care for her, so please share this to as many people as you can. Izzy is a 6 year old female pug/beagle mix. We have been working with her for the past 2 months (since 8/16) on socializing with dogs big […]

4 Oct

We Want Pet Lovers for Pet Camp.

Are you or a friend tired of the rat race and want to work with animals besides rats? Look no further! We’re looking for caring, energetic counselors to join the Pet Camp team. We have a range of job openings for both full and part-time counselors: Canine Enrichment Counselor Pet Care Counselor Front Desk Counselor […]

30 Sep

Pet Camp’s Retractable Glass Roof Made by Rollamatic

Mark Klaiman, Senior Counselor at Pet Camp, shares all the benefits of having a retractable glass roof at the Meadow, our 3,300 sq. feet of indoor/outdoor play space for dogs. The retractable glass roof was made by Rollamatic, a company which designs its retractable roofs in California and makes them in the USA.

1 Jun

Every day In June is Friendly Friday

As amazing as you are, sometimes your dog needs to get out and run around with other dogs. Our 23,000 sq. ft. of play space is perfect for this, especially with a friend. What’s Friendly Friday? When your camper brings a BFF (Best Furry Friend) that is new to daycare, they’ll both enjoy a FREE […]