Dog Flu Outbreak: Protect Your Dog

Since 2018, Pet Camp has required that all dogs receive the Canine Influenza Vaccine (CIV) before coming to Pet Camp. The CIV protects dogs against Canine Influenza or “dog flu.” We require this vaccine ALL THE TIME to protect both your dog and all the dogs your dog may meet both at Pet Camp and while out and about in San Francisco.
You may be aware that there is a dog flu outbreak in Los Angeles that has now spread south to San Diego county and as far north as San Luis Obispo. To our knowledge, there are no confirmed cases of CIV in San Francisco or the San Francisco Bay Area. Some veterinary clinics are now mobilizing to provide the CIV to their clients. If you have let your dog’s CIV lapse, we encourage you to get your dog’s vaccine updated as soon as you can. Please do not wait until there is a dog flu problem in San Francisco to get your dog vaccinated as this will be too little too late.
Because of the current dog flu issues outside the San Francisco Bay Area, in addition to requiring the dog flu vaccine, we have implemented a two week hold for all dogs that are from outside the Bay Area or have traveled outside the Bay Area and will not accept any dog until after it has been in the Bay Area for at least two weeks prior to coming to Pet Camp. This two-week quarantine will allow any infected dog to display symptoms and be treated prior to coming to Pet Camp.
We understand that no vaccine nor quarantine is perfect and sadly there may be “breakthrough” cases, but we think it is important to protect your dog’s health all the time, not just when there is a health scare elsewhere in California.
Please feel free to reach out to Jessica, Michelle or Mark with any questions about our health and safety practices or if you are having trouble getting your dog vaccinated prior to coming to Pet Camp.