14 Sep

Thanksgiving, Christmas & New Years – Oh My!

We haven’t even celebrated International Talk Like A Pirate Day and some camper parents are already calling to make holiday reservations!   We know, it seems shockingly early to us too, but now is the time to think about making those holiday reservations. You know the last thing you want is to be put on the […]

14 Sep

International ‘Bark’ Like A Pirate Day – September 19th!

In an amazing confluence of events, the 3rd Tuesday of September (Pet Camp’s Doggie Day Care Extravagance Day) is September 19th – International Talk Like a Pirate Day! Some of you may not know that this is Mark’s favorite holiday of the year and it used to be the one day a year Virginia would […]

8 Aug

Pet Camp at Outside Lands

Spending this weekend freezing your butt off in Golden Gate Park with several hundred thousand crazy people at Outside Lands? While you might think this sounds like fun, trust us your dog won’t think so. If you’re going to Outside Lands two things: (1) make sure you make a day care reservation for your camper […]

7 Aug

Pet Camp Bark to School Day – August 15th

August is back to school for most of San Francisco’s human kids, so for our August special doggie day care event we celebrate Bark to School Day (yeah, we know it’s usually back to school night, but work with us here).  Every day-camper playing in the Savannah on Tuesday, August 15th goes home with some special Bark to School stuff.  Now remember, Pet Camp […]

7 Aug

Ishai Joins Pet Camp!

We are thrilled to announce that Ishai has joined Pet Camp as the new manager of Cat Safari! Ishai spent the last 10 years at All Pets Hospital and, before that, 3 years at Pets Unlimited. Ishai brings a world of experience and cat knowledge to Cat Safari. Here’s a little bit more about Ishai […]

7 Aug

Last Gasp of Summer

The sun should be coming out in the Sunset District any day now, which means two things: (1) it’s almost September when San Francisco finally gets to enjoy summer weather, and (2) it’s time to book your camper’s Labor Day stay at Pet Camp. It’s just 3 short weeks until the official end of summer […]

7 Aug

Meet Ishai – Pet Camp’s New Cat Safari Manager

So, I asked my boss and best friend Willis (my cat of 16 years) to write me a letter of recommendation and he did such a good job that I landed the job as the manager of the Cat Safari. I started my animal care career in the veterinary field where I gained 13 years […]

11 Jul

Pet Camp Welcomes New Campers

As some of you may already know, Muttley Crew (an 11 year old overnight and day care facility in San Francisco) recently closed its doors. Christine (the former owner) recently got married, moved away from the City, and embarked on a new adventure. Everyone at Pet Camp wishes her the best (and Mark might be […]

11 Jul

New Pet Camp Landing Page

“One small step for man, one giant new landing page for Pet Camp!” The last time a landing was this cool was Neil landing on the moon (yup, Mark is old enough to remember his dad waking him up early in the morning to watch it on TV). Ok, maybe our new landing page isn’t […]

11 Jul

104 Days of Summer Vacation

As almost every parent knows, no matter what Phineas and Ferb say, there are not 104 days of summer vacation. But that’s all the more reason to make sure that you don’t waste a minute of summer actually working 5 days a week or getting stuck doing chores! This is summer, time for fun and […]