4 Feb

Dog Training and Driver’s Ed

Some of you may know that I have 4 children (the type with 2 legs). Like most families where both parents work outside the home, we have divided up the chores and other household responsibilities. Some of this allocation is based on preference and some on skill set, and through this I ended up being […]

28 Jan

Skip The Counseling Session – Get a Dog!

Last month a blog in Psychology Today asked the question “Is Your Dog Really Helping You Make It Through the Pandemic?” and then went on to explain about a survey to answer the question. An online survey got responses from 1,900 pet parents in the United States age 18 to 64 who were employed full […]

26 Jan

Puppy Socialization: an important part of your puppy’s life

Congratulations on your new puppy! You’ve puppy proofed your house, spent more money on puppy toys than on human baby toys for your 1st human child, gotten your puppy shots started and maybe completed. All that’s left is figuring out how to socialize your puppy in a safe and structured environment with other puppies. That’s […]

22 Jan

Cat Man Do – How to Keep Your Cat Active in San Francisco

Nope, not a typo. We all know there’s a difference between Kathmandu and what a Cat Man Do (or Cat Man Does if we’re being grammar sticklers). Frankly, it’s almost endless what a Cat (Man) Can Do. As a quick editorial aside: PLEASE, we know that there are some who believe if we say Cat […]

20 Jan

Does The Idea of Social Capital Apply to Dogs?

Social capital is the idea that groups do better when there is trust among the members of the group.  The basic idea is that through trust in others and confidence that others are not out to “get you” everyone in the group benefits; people have better connections with others, society improves because people trust others […]

14 Jan

Pet Camp Isn’t Walmart

Just in case you were wondering, Pet Camp is not Walmart. We’re not the largest private employer in the United States, we’ve never locked employees in one of our buildings overnight (though a counselor does spend the night at the Main Campground), and we’ve always offered comprehensive health care with a contribution that the counselors […]

1 Dec

Pandemic Pup or Friend for Life?

One of the few positive things from the pandemic – ok, maybe the only really positive thing – has been the uptick of pet adoptions. Rescues and shelters around the country are reporting record placements and many are experiencing a “shortage” of adoptable pets. Unfortunately, the positive change may not be long lasting. According to […]

18 Nov

What Covid-19 Has Taught Us About Dog Vaccines

Pet Camp requires all dog campers to be up to date on 4 vaccines: Rabies DHPP (sometimes referred to as distemper) Bordetella (for canine cough) CIV (dog flu) We think requiring dogs to be current on these vaccines is essential for their health and safety as well as the health and safety of the dogs […]