Dogs playing in Meadow

Excitedness Mitigation or How to Train Impulse Control?

Last week, we got a call from a pet parent who was working from home and wanted to bring her dog in for doggie day care and some à la carte K9 Enrichment.   During K9 Enrichment she wanted us to focus on “excitedness mitigation.” It took us a minute to translate “excitedness mitigation” into “impulse…

October 27, 2020

Doggie Day Care Means Less Doggie Fears

We’ve preached for some time now that doggie care – be that “traditional” doggie day care involving group play or K9 Enrichment (what some might refer to as doggie day care 2.0) – is as important for a dog’s mental state as it is for their physical state. A study of almost 14,000 dogs in…

October 21, 2020

Fashion with Citizen Canine

Fashion in the Pet Care Industry – San Francisco Bay Area Style

I was never a fashionista – jeans and a t-shirt were my clothes of choice even when it was expected that I would wear nicer clothes to work. Scooping poop for a living was simply an excuse for dressing down even more (shorts and a t-shirt) and only when I turned 45 (a long-long time…

October 6, 2020