21 Apr

Pet Behavior and the Pandemic

The other day I attended a webinar presented by the Animal Medical Center of New York City. The focus of the webinar was getting pets (dogs and cats for the purpose of the webinar) ready for pet parents to return to working outside the home. One of the main issues addressed was “separation anxiety.” I […]

16 Apr

Petsmart Pet Care Facility in San Francisco

Pet Camp has been around since 1997. We’ve been through the ups and downs of the San Francisco economy and seen pet care providers come and go these almost 25 years. That said, whenever a new pet care facility comes to town I worry. This weekend Petsmart opened in San Francisco (in the Sears building […]

14 Apr

Big Dogs – Why We Love Them!

The other week, we posted a blog critical of a post that listed only small dogs as good apartment dogs. We protested that big dogs also made great apartment dogs (and great dogs overall). We’re thrilled to report that in their Spring 2021 Our Animals magazine the San Francisco SPCA agreed with our assertion. The […]

8 Apr

Pet Camp Counselors: Truly a Caring Community

I recently became aware of an owner of a pet care facility resorting to bribes (they called it “incentives”) to get their employees to get the Covid-19 vaccine. This was not a situation in which there were one or two employees not getting vaccinated nor a situation in which an employee was raising an Americans […]

6 Apr

Revenge Spending on Your Cat

“Revenge Spending” is a term that’s currently making it around the economic talk shows and news wires. In basic terms, Revenge Spending is spending money now to make up for all the things you missed during the pandemic, shelter in place orders, and economic shutdowns. Since San Francisco has been under a shelter in place […]

1 Apr

Traveling with Your Dog in a Covid-19 World

The time is near that we will be traveling again. Things won’t be the same as before, but we will be getting out and about. After spending a year at home with your dog, it may be tempting to think about taking your dog along with you this summer, but that might be worth a […]

30 Mar

Camping with an Urban Dog

The idea of sitting around the campfire roasting some marshmallows and singing some Willie Nelson songs while your dog is curled up next to you sounds amazing. But how likely is this going to happen when you bring your urban dog on a camping trip? Now, you know your dog better than I, so perhaps […]

25 Mar

Time to Travel to the National Parks. Can your dog come?

The United States is reopening after our Covid-19 slumber and it’s time to travel once again. Unfortunately, much of the world has not been as fortunate as we have been in the roll out of vaccines, so your travel plans for the summer might be restricted to the United States (not that it’s a bad […]

23 Mar

Yikes, Social Gatherings Are Back – What’s a Dog to Do?

It’s official!  In San Francisco you can now see people you don’t live with! Bring on the neighborhood gatherings, maybe a backyard BBQ or a picnic in the park (you did notice these are all outdoor events didn’t you?). Sounds great – even amazing after a year of seeing the same 4 people. But what […]

20 Mar

What? Time to Travel? Really?

Get Ready-Set-Go Somewhere! Yup, after 12 plus months of sheltering in place it is time to travel! Dust off those suitcases, find that National Park Pass, and maybe even look forward to seeing a TSA agent again (something I’m not sure anyone would have said a year ago). We’re not saying it’s time to go […]