17 Sep

How to know if you are a responsible dog parent?

While we think being a responsible pet parent is a 24-7-365 job, it turns out the American Kennel Club (AKC) has declared September as “Responsible Dog Ownership” month. We suspect that you’ve got all of this taken care of, but just in case, the AKC has a list of seven ways to celebrate the month […]

9 Sep

Preparing Your Pet for Natural Disasters

Between the never-ending fire season in California and storms everywhere else, natural disasters are on lots of peoples’ minds. If you’re a pet parent, in addition to yourself, you have your pet to think about. What can we do to prepare our pets in case of an emergency? Here are some quick tips: Crate and […]

11 Aug

Pets and Vaccines

The other day, we got scolded when a pet parent tried to make a reservation starting in a few days and we advised the pet parent that the vaccines for their dog had expired. The pet parent told us that telling them them that their pet’s vaccines had expired just a few days before they […]

28 Jul

Meet The New Pet Parent

The other week, I listened in on a DVM360 Webinar about new pet acquisition during Covid-19. Like so many in the world of pet care, we’ve seen an influx of Pandemic Puppies and Kovid-19 Kitties. We’ve gotten to know many of these new pets and many of the new pet parents, but the Pet Camp […]

7 Jul

How to Greet a Person (or, How to Get My Dog Not To Jump)

Pet Camp’s Canine Enrichment Team gets all sorts of dog behavior questions from pet parents. While some of the questions are very dog specific, there are some that get asked repeatedly. Among them is “How do I get my dog not to jump on people?” Here are some quick tips: Don’t Encourage it! As silly […]

22 Jun

How to Avoid Travel Headaches With Your Pet?

Summer travel is back and so is summer travel trauma! Summer travel is never easy and this summer it is simply bound to be worse. Here is some simple advice: leave your camper at Pet Camp and take five things off the summer travel trauma worry list. Extra Pet Fees Sure, the hotel you booked […]

15 Jun

Why do I need to walk my dog on a leash in San Francisco?

First, a disclaimer: I almost always walk my dogs on a leash in San Francisco. The only exception to walking on a leash is when we are going from our garage to a car parked within a few feet or when going from the car parked at Pet Camp into the building. Other than that, […]

2 Jun

The Boring Job Offer Letter

I have 4 “working age” children. I use “quotes” because all my kids are in college and “working” means a summer job. Don’t get me wrong, I want my kids to work during the summer and they would all prefer to have jobs somewhere else, so they don’t have to work for their dad (me). […]

5 May

How To Get My Dog Not to Bark?

Sometime ago we wrote a blog about this topic, but as San Francisco gradually reopens and people are slowly getting together at others homes (after 15 months of staying away), our Canine Enrichment Team is getting asked a lot: How Do I Get My Dog Not to Bark. The short answer: you really can’t and […]