STEM Program at Pet Camp

STEM programs are all the rage today. Everywhere you go you hear about Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM). Well, as much as we try to avoid jumping onto bandwagons, we have to admit that Pet Camp now has an official STEM program too! We thought about implementing a traditional STEM program at Pet Camp,…

May 3, 2016


Microchipping – Good for Your Dog, Great for Your Kid?

As a father of four I have long struggled with keeping an eye on my kids. Now that they are teenagers, I “rely” on them to keep me informed of their various locations via text messages (really, what teenager would actually speak to their father on the telephone?). Frankly, of the four of them I have…

April 26, 2016


Earth Day at Pet Camp

At Pet Camp we believe that every day should be Earth Day, that said, we also think that once a year (or whenever we get around to it), we should try and look at what Pet Camp has done to be a pet care provider that is also a good environmental steward and what we have left to do….

April 22, 2016

The New Economy Needs to Support Local Economies

As the owner of a small business in San Francisco I pay lots and lots of fees and taxes for the “privilege” of running a business in San Francisco.  Frankly, I don’t like paying this money.  I very much question how this money is being spent and always feel like running a business in San Francisco is way more…

April 15, 2016