The Mystery of the Cat Purr

This blog post is by David Aguilar, front desk counselor We all love when our kitties purr with delight. People have been puzzled for centuries on how and why they do it. Cats purr when they are content, but also when injured, under distress or in labor. Cats can purr uninterrupted while inhaling and exhaling….

August 6, 2014

What’s Up With San Francisco’s Dog Safety Net?

For the second time in as many months we’ve been confronted with the possibility of a dog being abandoned at Pet Camp. This kind of stuff hasn’t happened since the first dot-com boom in the late 1990s (so be aware, San Francisco City planners, if you think the current boom is going to last forever…

July 30, 2014

Washington Post Blog Blasts Shelter Dogs

Last week, the Washington Post posted a blog entitled, “Why I’d Never Adopt A Shelter Dog Again.” While we posted a link to the blog on our Facebook page when we saw it, we thought the blog deserved more discussion. The author maintains that adopting dogs at a shelter is a “crap shoot” and you…

July 23, 2014

Dog Discrimination in Ireland

Earlier this summer we took a trip to Ireland. Sure we saw Virginia’s family farm and castle (seriously there was once a clan castle — 600 years ago), but we also visited several lodging facilities (based on what we saw there’s room for a Pet Camp Ireland location),  played with several Irish Wolfhounds, and saw this amazing…

July 16, 2014