Pet Care: Concern About Convenience Euthanasia

I was reading a recent issue of DVM Magazine that included a discussion of “convenience euthanasia.” Perhaps like many, I had to pause and consider what “convenience euthanasia” was. The briefest definition is when a pet parent requests that a pet be euthanized for reasons other than to end suffering due to a medical issue….

August 23, 2016


Doggie Day Care | Lonely Dog No More

All too often we hear, “I wish my dog could go to doggie day care, but she doesn’t get along well with other dogs.” Well perhaps not getting along with dogs means no doggie day care at other pet care facilities, but it sure doesn’t mean that at Pet Camp. One of the things that…

August 18, 2016


The Secret Life of (Pet Camp) Pets

A movie was just recently released that presents a fun take on the types of things that pets do when their humans aren’t looking. It’s called “The Secret Life of Pets,” and it’s playing at various theatres around the Bay Area. Several of our doggie day care counselors were lucky enough to get tickets to an…

August 8, 2016


Goodbye, Thumbelina

This is a guest blog by Michelle Barrera, Operations Manager at Pet Camp: Today, we here at Pet Camp mourn the loss of one of our trusted foot soldiers. It’s a sad day for the counselors, but one that we all knew would come sooner or later: “Thumbelina,” our original Pet Camp Express van, used…

August 1, 2016