17 Nov

Rainy Days are Still Fun Days

It’s raining in San Francisco! We can breathe a sigh of relief that the fire season has ended, there’s the likelihood of a good ski season in the Sierras, and if we’re lucky, even enough water for showers next summer (if those folks in Los Angeles and Palm springs stop watering their golf courses for […]

10 Nov

Lack of Emergency Veterinary Care in San Francisco

Hopefully you’ve not needed an emergency veterinary appointment in San Francisco. If that’s the case, there are two reasons you should be thankful. First, this means that your pet has been well and second, sadly, if you needed emergency care for your pet, you’re not likely to have gotten it in San Francisco. The lack […]

3 Nov

How Long is Too Long to Leave Your Dog Home Alone?

Full disclaimer: we have a vested interest in you not leaving your dog home alone ever, but we understand that there are times or circumstances when doggie day care or overnight care for your dog is just not a viable option. In those rare (and they better be rare) times, how long is too long […]

28 Oct

Group Play is NOT for every Dog

The other week we got a scathing 1-star Google review. The review blasted us for poor customer service, poor communication (internally and externally), and for not letting their puppy participate in our Back Country group play and “forcing” them to enroll in our Canine Enrichment Program (K9E). Normally we simply thank an unhappy customer for […]

20 Oct

Dog-to-Dog Greetings: It’s OK to Say NO

Why should we sometimes avoid our dog greeting other dogs? Perhaps you have this image of your dog strolling down San Francisco’s 24th Street on a bright Saturday morning politely greeting every other dog you see, all while you sip your mocha-infused organic coffee with almond milk from almonds grown with gray water from a […]

6 Oct

Are we becoming feral?

We’ve all heard about feral cats, but I recently heard someone say that we humans were becoming feral. Here’s what she meant. We were discussing some recent interactions the counselors have had with clients in the lobby or over the phone during which, for lack of a better term, the client lost it. I’m not […]

29 Sep

Small Dogs are Still Dogs

As most of you know, I don’t have much non-Pet Camp experience with small dogs. My current dogs, Marmalade and Talise, weigh in at a mere 165 pounds and a petite 115 pounds. Most people know that both my dogs are “dogs” and respect (some might actually fear) them for that “dogness.” But what about […]

23 Sep

Routine or Not To Routine: That is the Question

Is having a routine good for my dog? Two types of dog parents. There are lots of conversations out there that assert that dogs are creatures of habits and that they need routines to thrive. These are the people who remind you that your dog or cat wakes you up at about the same time […]

17 Sep

How to know if you are a responsible dog parent?

While we think being a responsible pet parent is a 24-7-365 job, it turns out the American Kennel Club (AKC) has declared September as “Responsible Dog Ownership” month. We suspect that you’ve got all of this taken care of, but just in case, the AKC has a list of seven ways to celebrate the month […]

9 Sep

Preparing Your Pet for Natural Disasters

Between the never-ending fire season in California and storms everywhere else, natural disasters are on lots of peoples’ minds. If you’re a pet parent, in addition to yourself, you have your pet to think about. What can we do to prepare our pets in case of an emergency? Here are some quick tips: Crate and […]