Sami gets a new home and free doggie day care too

Sami Needs a New Home

Around the middle of August Sami checked into Pet Camp for a short 4 day stay.  Unfortunately for very sad reasons way beyond Sami’s, and maybe anyone else’s, control, Sami was never picked up and we learned that she never would be.  Under California state law when something like this happens (and it has happened…

September 9, 2016

Debunking Black Dog Syndrome

For many years it has been stated that black dogs (and cats for that matter) were harder for animal shelters to find homes for than dogs of other colors. Well, a recently published study calls this into question. A study in the journal Animal Welfare examined four years of adoption records at two shelters in the…

September 7, 2016

Pet Camp Passes PetMD Test

PetMD, a web site that claims to be Vet Authored and Vet Approved, recently posted a blog entitled “8 Signs of a Bad Boarding Kennel.”  The blog has caused some consternation in the doggie day care and dog boarding industry because, as always, not everyone agrees with what makes or doesn’t make a good doggie…

September 1, 2016

Pet Care: Concern About Convenience Euthanasia

I was reading a recent issue of DVM Magazine that included a discussion of “convenience euthanasia.” Perhaps like many, I had to pause and consider what “convenience euthanasia” was. The briefest definition is when a pet parent requests that a pet be euthanized for reasons other than to end suffering due to a medical issue….

August 23, 2016