Designer of Designer Dog Has Regrets

Regrets, I’ve had a few… but then again I never designed a designer dog.  Apparently once you’ve done that, you’ve got oodles of regrets.  Now before any doodle gets upset with us – just because your “father” has some regrets doesn’t mean that you and all of your doodle friends aren’t great dogs (because we know…

July 11, 2016


To Hug or Not To Hug | Doggy Day Care

This blog is written by Michelle Barrera, Operations Manager at Pet Camp. By now, many of us have seen the various articles out regarding hugging dogs. Apparently, we’ve all been doing it wrong; that is, hugging our 4-legged best friends. A recent New York Times article written by Christine Hauser (Should You Hug Your Dog?…

June 17, 2016


Five Tips When Buying Cat Toys

At Pet Camp’s Cat Safari cat boarding location, our focus is on caring for cats while their humans are out of town. Our focus is of course on health and safety, but camp should also be fun! Between the tower aquariums, wide window sills, club lights and of course the Safari Solarium, we know we’ve…

June 7, 2016

Hug Your Cat Day – June 4th

Tomorrow, Saturday June 4th is Hug Your Cat Day! Really, it’s true; we found it on the internet, and everything you find on the internet is true. That said, as much as this is a “real” holiday we understand that not everyone is a real hugger.  In honor of this important day, we wanted to provide you…

June 3, 2016