14 May

Dog Aggressive Does Not Mean Human Aggressive

Dog Misconception #14 We’re kidding a bit here, we don’t actually have a list but there are a lot of misconceptions about dogs floating around.  Let’s put one of them to rest today. Just because a dog doesn’t play well with other dogs, doesn’t mean the dog is or will eventually become aggressive with humans. […]

10 May

Pet Camp Mascot Spotted at Local SF Event

Our nameless Pet Camp mascot showed up at the recent SF Chamber of Commerce Business Showcase at the Hilton San Francisco. Our furry ambassador rubbed paws with the Chamber’s Maureen McEvoy as well as engaged in some “harmless” puppy play with the San Francisco Bulls significantly less cute mascot, Rawhide. We think this will not […]

7 May

Diamond Pet Food Recall Expands

Diamond Pet Food has expanded the brands that it is voluntarily recalling due to potential Salmonella contamination.  As of Friday night, May 4th, the list now includes: Chicken Soup for the Pet Lover’s Soul Country Value Diamond Diamond Naturals Premium Edge Professional 4Health Taste of the Wilde Apen Kirkland Signature Canidae The following link http://diamondpetrecall.com/ […]

4 May

National Animal Disaster-Preparedness Day

Saturday, May 12th is National Animal Disaster-Preparedness Day. At Pet Camp we have a comprehensive plan on how to take care of the counselors and the campers in the event of an emergency. While we have you covered when you’re with us, you should have a plan for when your pet isn’t camping with us. […]

25 Apr

April 27th: National Hairball Awareness Day

Yes, it’s true there really is a National Hairball Awareness Day! We wanted to make a lot of fun about this day – and we still might at the end of this blog, but we thought we would at least start with some serious stuff. Hairball, officially called trichobezoars, are caused because when they’re grooming […]

18 Apr

Pet Owner’s Independence Day

We have no idea why this holiday has not been moved to a Monday in April.  Really, it’s Independence Day and we’ve not had a Monday off since sometime in February!  A day to relax, kick back and have your pet make you breakfast in the morning, go to work for you (Splash can probably […]

18 Apr

Re-homing Pets

Some of you already know that about a month ago we re-homed a Newfoundland, “Splash.” We are Splash’s third home and she is doing great with our kids, the other campers, and the hundreds of folks she has met at various kid sporting events (she’s even learned not to get up every time someone yells […]