2 Nov

What Is Wrong With America?

We’re in full election mode and if you listen long enough (like a minute or two), one candidate or another will give you a long list of our country’s ailments and what they can do to fix them. But the one issue we’ve not heard discussed is that pet ownership has declined 2.4% in the […]

23 Oct

National Pit Bull Awareness Day

This Saturday, October 27th, is National Pit Bull Awareness Day. Started in 2007 by Jodi Preis of Bless the Bullys (a pit bull rescue group in Tennessee), the goal of National Pit Bull Awareness Day is to educate the wider public about pit bulls and bring  more positive media attention to the breed. Interestingly enough, just […]

19 Oct

Pet Care Professional Convicted of Animal Cruelty

Today is a sad day in the pet care world – this week Abe Taylor, the former owner of Unleashed SF Doggy Daycare of San Francisco, was found guilty of animal cruelty and sentenced to 60 days in jail, 3 years probation and fined $880. At Pet Camp we can’t even begin to get our heads around […]

18 Oct

Support Pets Unlimited and Paws

Event Date: October 18, 2012 SAN FRANCISCO, CA – This fall Pets Unlimited will celebrate its 65th anniversary and PAWS will celebrate its 25th! Come celebrate the human-animal bond! Bring your pup to an anniversary party for PAWS and the shelter animals of Pets Unlimited at a joint fundraiser on Thursday, October 18 at El Rio from 5-9PM – your $10 admission […]

16 Oct

Why pets end up in shelters?

I was reading Tuft’s University “Your Dog” newsletter and was  intrigued by a short article with the same title as this blog. For years I have repeated the standard mantra that poor behavior resulted in dogs being abandoned. Well it turns out that this “fact” was based on research performed by the National Council on […]

3 Oct

CPR Classes for Dog and Cats – Are They Worth It?

There are a plethora of classes being offered to teach pet care professionals (non-veterinarians) CPR and almost an equal number of pet care professionals tout themselves as being CPR certified. That’s great – more education is always better than less. But is CPR where pet professionals should be spending their finite time and training resources? […]

28 Sep

World Rabies Day – September 28

At Pet Camp, we are extremely concerned with pets’ health & safety issues, while in the United States we almost never hear of a person dying from rabies every year some 55,000 people die from the rabies virus.  In Europe and the Americas the rare rabies deaths we do see are almost always caused by bat bites.  In […]

24 Sep

Dogs and Politics Day – September 23rd

Yes, it’s true there is a Dog in Politics Day. Now many think this simply confirms that most politicians are dogs – but we know that you can’t go around insulting dogs that way! Turns out that this holiday stems from the famous 1952 “Checkers” speech when then candidate for Vice President Richard Nixon introduced […]

7 Sep

Cat Talk

Get along better with your cat than anyone else?  You’re not alone.  A survey shows that 33% of cat owners reported communicating better with their cat than with their significant other and 31% say that after a rought day they’d prefer to talk to their cat than any person.  And who knows you best?  According to 39% […]

15 Aug

Pet Sitters vs. Pet Lodging: Which is Right for Your Dog?

When you’re unable to care for your dog, there are two main options:  you can bring your pet to a pet care facility or a pet sitter can come to your home.   At Pet Camp we understand that there is no single pet care services solution that is perfect for every dog.  Here are some […]