12 Jul

Invest in Your Dog Not Dogecoin

While your investment in cryptocurrencies and NFTs might have crumbled in the last few weeks, your investment in your dog could yield returns that Warren Buffett would be jealous of with no market risk! That’s right, you can enrich your dog at Pet Camp by enrolling in our Canine Enrichment (K9E) program. For way, way […]

1 Jul

Welcome Back to California

Pet Camp is proud to offer all pet parent employees of companies that fled from California to other states since 2020 a “Welcome Home” discount on their first stay at Pet Camp AFTER their companies move back home. We know that California is a hellacious place to run a business! There are all sorts of rules […]

28 Jun

6 Things to Consider Before Going to the Beach With Your Dog

It’s beach weather in most of the country – and sweatshirt weather here in San Francisco – so if you’re off to the beach with your dog, here are a few things to think about: Recall & Leave It: Most beach play is done off-leash. While this is exciting for your dog, there are bound […]

18 May

Dog Training at Pet Camp

For several years, Pet Camp has been offering two levels of dog training primarily focusing on the skills necessary to succeed in an urban or suburban environment. Our Camper Cadet program (what we call our dog training) level 1 focuses on five skills: sit, down, look/watch me, find it and loose leash walking, while our […]

11 May

When to Spay/Neuter Your Dog?

At many pet care facilities there are strict rules about when a pet, generally a dog, must be spayed or neutered to continue coming to either overnight care or dog day care. At Pet Camp, we’ve never had a “bright line” rule about these things. Yes, what activities your dog may participate in will likely […]

4 May

Congratulations Jamie! Certified Pet Dog Trainer at Pet Camp, San Francisco

Jamie Edwards, Pet Camp’s Head of Training, was recently awarded his Certified Pet Dog Training credentials! Becoming a Certified Pet Dog Trainer (CPDT) requires a demonstration of both intellectual and practical knowledge of dog behavior and training. The Certification Council for Professional Dog Trainers, which certifies CPDT, is the only independent testing agency for dog […]

27 Apr

Walmart Expands Further Into Pet Care with Doggie Daycare

How Walmart has gotten more and more into pet care over the years  Several years ago, Walmart added pet pharmaceuticals to its offerings. Soon thereafter, Walmart formed a relationship to offer pet insurance. Later, Walmart formed another relationship with Rover.com to offer Walmart shoppers discounts on pet services offered by Rover.com. These relationships did not […]

20 Apr

Crate Training for Cats

There are lots of discussions out there about crate training for dogs – but crate training your cat is also important. Why should you crate train your cat? The folks at Cornell CatWatch give us 6 reasons. 6 reasons why crate training your cat is important. Keep your cat safe and contained when doors are […]

13 Apr

Pot Catching Up To Chocolate – Pet Toxicity

What does BluePearl’s recent survey predict regarding pet toxicity? BluePearl, the emergency veterinary chain owned by the Mars Corporation, released its 2021 Pet Health Trends Report analyzing data from the 1.29 million pet visits from 850,000 pets at its chain of hospitals. One major reveal: marijuana toxicity is now the second leading cause of pet […]