10 Jun

Trying to Find a Pit Bull a New Home

For the last several months, San Francisco’s Pet Camp has been taking care of Romeo. Romeo is a pit bull who should not be here – not because he’s a bad dog and not because he isn’t having fun at Pet Camp. He shouldn’t be here relying on dog boarding services because he needs a […]

21 May

Why Are San Francisco Police Officers Killing Dogs?

As shocking as this question is, that’s exactly what was asked at last week’s meeting of San Francisco’s Commission of Animal Control and Welfare.  In the first 4 months of 2014 San Francisco police officers shot 3 dogs – all pit bull mixes, and all of whom died as a result of their injuries.   For over […]

14 May

Changes in Dog Food – Better or Just More Expensive?

We all know that I’m pretty damn old, but while that age brings with it a gray beard and a sore back, it also brings along some institutional memory. The other day while listening to a pet parent checking in their camper to Pet Camp go over all the food requirements for their dog, I […]

8 May

When Pet Grooming Goes Bad?

If physicians worked more collaboratively with veterinarians there would be tremendous benefits for both animal and human health according to Dr. Barbara Natterson-Horowitz and Kathryn Bowers, authors of the new book, “Zoobiquity:  what Animals can Teach Us about Health and the Science of Healing.”  Natterson-Horowitz is a professor of cardiology at UCLA and a cardiovascular […]

30 Apr

How old is your dog, really!

This is a blog post by David Aguilar, front desk counselor All of us have heard the myth that converting a dog’s age to human years was as simple as multiplying the dog’s age by seven. But if you really think about it, it doesn’t make sense at all. For example if Fluffy is one, […]

24 Apr

Decoding Cat Body Language

This blog post is by Leeann Berry, Safari Ranger at Pet Camp’s Cat Safari. Cat behavior can seem like a mystery but there are common body language signs that act as a guide for their caregivers and companions to read in order to understand them better.  Here we give you tips on what your cat’s […]

16 Apr

Remember to Protect your Pets from Easter

This week is Easter Sunday.  It’s time for family gatherings, Easter Egg Hunts, chocolate bunnies, beautiful flowers and wonderful hats.  While all of these customs are great for humans, some of them are downright risky for our pets.  So in addition to asking that you keep your dog away from those chocolate bunnies and your cats far […]

9 Apr

Quebec Bans Prong and Shock Collars

There is a lot of chatter in the pet parent and dog training community about Quebec’s establishment of their “MAPAQ Guide d’application du règlement sur la sécurité et le bien-être des chats et des chiens,” or Guide to Implementing Rules on the Safety and Well-Being of Dogs and Cats.  In addition to many of the […]

3 Apr

TB From Cats?

We’ve all heard of cat scratch fever, but cat Tuberculosis?  That’s a new one, but now a confirmed issue.  According to the New York Times, four people in England have contracted TB from their cats!  While officials in the United States are assuring people that there is “virtually nothing to fear,” the idea of getting […]

26 Mar

Affordable Care Act Should Go to the Dogs

With all the talk out of Washington about physical fitness and new food labels, we want to go on record that we are extremely disappointed that this discussion has not included the health benefits of having a dog in your life. Ok, maybe not just the having a dog part but more specifically the health […]