25 Mar

Running With Fido: Why Running With Dogs is a Great Idea

This is a guest post by Ryann Lannan, Front Desk Counselor Almost a year ago, I rescued my very first dog to be my running partner. Some may think that to be torture for both human and animal, but running was actually what made her transition so easy. My dog is a spook (unless we […]

26 Feb

Bittering Agent Not Preventing Dogs From Ingesting Antifreeze

Almost two years ago we wrote with excitement that a bittering agent was being added to antifreeze to protect dogs (and kids too) who were being poisoned by drinking the previously sweet product. We, and we suspect many others, hoped and thought that by making antifreeze less tasty we would see a decrease in the number of […]

18 Feb

Big Business Gobbling Up Pet Care Providers

San Francisco prides itself on its quirkiness. One of the ways San Francisco tries to keep its “differentness” is by preserving small locally owned businesses by keeping out “formula retail” (what everyone else calls “chains”). But while San Francisco is doing its best to preserve small businesses, pet care providers are seeing more consolidation as bigger […]

11 Feb

Help Find the Cause of Why Dogs Bloat

Most pet parents of barrel chested dogs are way too familiar with bloat, but for you other pet parents… bloat is a very (and we mean very) serious condition where the dog’s stomach fills with gas and many times then twists on its axis. This condition is extremely life threatening because once the stomach flips is it […]

30 Jan

Say Goodbye to the Dominatrix

Yes it’s true and for many of you this may be very sad – but it may be very good for your dog! For many years dominance has been a key term in dog training: you need to be the dominant one if your dog is going to respect you. Well without a safe word […]

22 Jan

Training With E-Collars: New Study Says Costs Outweigh the Benefits

At Pet Camp we’ve made the decision that in our Camper Cadet dog training program we will use only positive re-enforcement. We’ve worked with dogs from both private homes and animal shelters, all with amazing results. Before we implemented Camper Cadets we met with many dog trainers and got exposed to many different training techniques including […]

14 Jan

Pet Camp – Going Strong After All these Years

Several months ago I attended an industry conference in Denver. There were lots of presentations about all sorts of issues associated with pet care – how to clean and disinfect, dog body language, and of course the critical one for any small business, exit strategies. Now let me start by saying that Virginia and Mark […]

7 Jan

Time to Ban the Tattooing and Piercing of Pets?

Living in San Francisco makes you feel like you’re in the center of the body art universe.  There are piercings and tats on everyone (and you can assume everywhere based on what you can see). While personally I’m proud to remain tat and piercing free I understand that this is a personal decision and to each […]

19 Dec

Pets as Gifts? Think before you give!

Ahh, the holidays are upon us.  Time for celebrating, visiting family and friends, and gift giving.  At Pet Camp we know that a pet may not be the best gift (a left handed, senior hockey stick with a PM9 curve and a 77 flex might just be the best gift); a pet is for life and […]